Karen Igho & Giant Husband Jaroslav Rakos Baptise Baby Boy, Samuel

karen igho

August 24, 2015 – Karen Igho & Giant Husband Jaroslav Rakos Baptise Baby Boy, Samuel 

Check out Karen Igho and her tall husband Jaroslav Rakos at the baptism ceremony of their son, Samuel Rakos.

The couple dedicated their baby to the Lord at a Catholic church yesterday.

This man tall ooo… Their baby will have a good height.

5 thoughts on “Karen Igho & Giant Husband Jaroslav Rakos Baptise Baby Boy, Samuel

  1. Is there a country in this world that a nigerian has not got married to? Just thinking aloud please don’t slougter me. LOL

  2. White men like to marry small women. From my observation they like smaller women than tall women. From what one of them (a friend) told me it is because they can carry them, toss them around and easy to be romanced. Karen you are lucky. You got a man that loves you. Congrats.

  3. They also love small women because they believed they are humble and submissive. they think tall women are very very aggressive. You see the are advantages to be small and tall. Black men look at short women as not beautiful. Thank god for us small women.

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