Karen Igho’s Grandmother Has Brain Tumour – Ex-BBA Star Raises Cancer Awareness

karen igho grandmother brain tumour

Oct 26, 2013 – Karen Igho’s Grandma Has Cancerous Brain Tumour – Ex-BBA Star Raises Cancer Awareness

These are not good times for the former winner of Big Brother Africa, Ms Karen Igho who is currently distressed by the health state of her grandmother.

According to her she was raised by her loving grandma in Delta state but as we speak, her granny is down with a cancerous brain tumour.

Few days ago, Karen Igho tweeted; “My grandma has a brain tumor. Pray for her please”.

The BBA star has been lending her voice to the awareness of cancer. In another tweet she said; “Cancer is real, early detection is key. I’ve been creating awareness for cancer for three years now”.

In a similar tweet, Karen also reminded her friends to join her, in December to donate food, clothes and money to help orphans.

May God grant her quick healing.

3 thoughts on “Karen Igho’s Grandmother Has Brain Tumour – Ex-BBA Star Raises Cancer Awareness

  1. Karen I know what and how you feel right now,your granny will live to see her great grand kids because nothing is impossible with God,am very very proud of you about the awareness you are creating about cancer and your good work towards humanity .forgive me but I didn’t expects that from you even in my wildest dream and that’s why Red is hopelessly proud of you.keep up the good work and whisper hi to your granny from me,Tell her that Red said that xmas is less than 60 days away and she should get strong before then.stay sweet my dear.

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