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Kayode Olaiya Aderupoko Blasts Nigerian Censor Board As Nollywood Turns Into Pornography

Kayode Olaiya Aderupoko

October 26, 2017 – Kayode Olaiya Aderupoko Blasts Nigerian Censor Board As Nollywood Turns Into Pornography

See excerpt of veteran Nollywood actor Kayode Olaiya aka Aderupoko’s latest interview with City People reporter Isaac Abimbade at a recent award event that held in Ikeja Lagos.

What project are you doing presently?

We are presently shooting diamond in the sky in Ilorin. Its about those who are battling with breast cancer. So, the movie is to educate people who are battling with the ailment because many of them don’t know the implication when their breast is hard; not everyone knows there is danger in that.

Many women don’t want their husbands to touch their breasts. So, a lot of people who is going through that will still be wearing bra. That is why we are putting up a movie to educate a lot of our women.

Tell us that thing people always get wrong about you?

People usually take me for Aluwe; they call me Aluwe and Aderupoko, Aluwe! Maybe because we both have tribal marks and we act similar roles. Some people even call me Elesho and Elesho is light in complexion. People don’t know I am a fashion designer.

Everything I have on me, I make it myself. I make every costume I use in every film I act. That is what I do alongside acting.

Did you learn fashion designing before you started acting?

I learned it when I finished from primary school. I learnt it for three years before I went for secondary school education lost my father at a younger age, my mother saw me through primary school, so after I finished primary school, I went to learn fashion designing. And if not for acting, it would have been fashion designing.

What is your view on the happenings in Nollywood where female act half naked and sometimes acting pornography, which is against our culture?

It’s not only the theatre industry that’s doing movies but we now have different people who are doing this now.

Nigeria has Nigerian Censor Board but the people behind it are not capable because it’s not their jobs; you can’t put a carpenter to handle theatre industry. Government gave everybody the license to act films.

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