Kayode Salako: “Foluke Daramola Is My Destined Wife – 65 C&S Pastors Told Me”

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Feb 27, 2013 – Kayode Salako: “Foluke Daramola Is My Destined Wife – 65 C&S Pastors Told Me”

Nigerian right wing activist, Olukayode Salako, the new husband of Nollywood Yoruba actress Foluke Daramola yesterday shared his testimony on how he met his wife and how several men of God gave him the go ahead.

The legally married father of three children who dumped his wife, a Redeemed pastor for the actress said over 65 pastors confirmed with him that Foluke Daramola will become his wife.

Read his full testimony below:

”17 years ago, even before I met my first wife at all, a prophet from the Cherubim and Seraphim (C&S) Church in Mafoluku area of Lagos prayed for me and told me that in the journey of my life, I was going to come across one woman. “He told me he didn’t know if I was going to marry her or not, but that what would make me know when I come across the woman are two things; the way I would feel about her and that I was going to meet her with two children; one boy and a girl.

He said that, when I meet her, that is when the story of my life would change and God would start re-writing my fate and that the woman is the woman of my destiny and that the two of us would travel, we would be very close, we would have a bond and travel on a journey of life, which would fetch us a lot of greatness and beautiful testimonies, since the day I received the vision, I had been looking forward to the woman I would meet like that.

I have never met a woman with a boy and a girl until I met Foluke Daramola and when I met her, I went back to ask if she was the one and over 65 pastors said that she is the one. Can 65 men of God, people that God talks to be wrong, I went to Cotonou, I went to Benin Republic, I traveled out of Lagos State to go and find out whether Foluke was the woman of my destiny and when I asked who she would be, everybody told me she is my wife that I should go and marry her and that I should not allow anybody to discourage me from marrying her”

As we speak, Kayode Salako is still legally married to his wife and the mother of his three beautiful children who all of a sudden packed out of her matrimonial home after her husband refused to stop his public romance with actress Foluke Daramola.

Foluke Daramola must be a good cook to have won the heart of this wealthy man with vegetables.

Things dey happen o.

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27 thoughts on “Kayode Salako: “Foluke Daramola Is My Destined Wife – 65 C&S Pastors Told Me”

  1. Haba! Na wetin? 65 pastors consulted just to marry ”tokunbo wife” if na chasis wife nko? Please spare us all these stories. It seems to me that u are trying too hard to justify why u left ur 1st wife and mother of ur 3 children. Let’s hope story won’t change some years down d line. Since u’ve made ur choice try to live with it but don’t ever stop taking care of ur children. It is only then that people like me will believe u are sincere. All d best sha. Cheers.

  2. Didn‘t beleive kobo of your claims. God is not a confuse God, he can not tell anyone to leave his Mother of three and go 4 mother of two. God made it clear to us, if u are marry u are marry 4life, ur spouse is your responsibily either bad or good except fornicatn, anytin outside dis fact is ur wish and choice. Pls stop these childish excuses!

  3. Season films will never end in this country.How can a right thinking person dumped a woman with 3 kids to marry another man’s wife claiming 65 pastors told him she will be his wife. I wonder what the world is turning into. If he wants to travel abroad,buy a car or build a house he will need nothing less than 800 to 1000 pastors for confirmation. Mumu!

  4. Useless man and useless Daramola. Is it a presidential race that 65 pastors have to tell you that you will meet a mother of two-a boy and a girl? Even if you were told that you gonna meet someone like Foluke, that does not mean you should marry her and neglect your wife. You reminded me of a man who went to tell an elder in the church that God has confirmed to him that a lady in the choir would be his wife not know that the woman is question is married to the elder and that they have two wonderful kids. Thank God that I am not God, I could have made you blind immediately. Once again you are a useless man as well as Foluke.

  5. Obviously you are totally confused,pastors telling you that you will meet a woman that you will marry and transform your life after marrying and blessed with three children,were all lies,and you could open your disgustingly filthy mouth to lie and say it in public,its a monumental shame on you, is that what you are taught in your church? Obviously you don’t have the fear of God. It shows you are wicked and greedy.do you think that woman (your wife) and your children you deliberately left will forever forgive you?

  6. If u really got d message of marrying a woman with 2 kids initially. Why then did u marry ur pastor wife? Y couldn’t u wait 4 ur destined woman in d first place?. Remember that ur wife is a pastor, & God said ‘touch not my anointed & do my prophet no harm’ . U started this confusion in your lyf. Bear in mind that he who brings in ant infested faggots in his compound should not blame anyone when lizard starts paying him visits

  7. Kayode, you should read 1st kings 22:21-223 Be careful of commercial prophets. To seek 65 of them shows you are in doubt and unstable..Good luck!

  8. My Brother,u are nothing but a greedy and stupid man who is seeking cheap fame and popu;atity,now listen i give u 10 yrs ,long u say,and the world will read about u againg and u and those prophet who asked u yo abandong the wife of ur youth,u will sonn taste the kind of pills she gave to her 1st hubby then,lets see who will wipe away your tears,am glad u lest that woman of Gd ,so that she can focus on her service to God,u and ur 65 fake prophets of doom ….

  9. The good book says that ” A double minded man is unstable in all his ways; Let him not think that he will receive anything from The Lord” My penny’s worth for oga ‘Yemiwo’ ………..


  11. pls my brother u bether think twice ur a man of intergrity stop saying 65 people told u to mary a woman it did not make sence, there are not going to live with the woman is u,so try and think agian blf you make ur final dicition

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