Banky W And Kate Henshaw Dating?

banky w and kate henshaw dating

Feb 27, 2013 – Banky W And Kate Henshaw Dating?

The two lovely ambassadors of Samsung mobile, Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw and Nigerian R & B star, EME record boss, Banky W have become inseparable friends since they both hit the deal.

Kate Henshaw and Banky W hit the multi-million naira endorsement deal for Samsung last year, a deal that was renewed last month.

They’re both single and looking lovely…..

Age difference aside, Banky W & Kate would make a lovely couple.

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38 thoughts on “Banky W And Kate Henshaw Dating?

    • Wonders shall never end. The so-called celeb are such bad role models to the younger generations, with the way they date, divorce… Nigerians are good and fast in embracing the bad ways f life of the western world. I pity the youths who use these celebs as their role model.

      • Seekergolden….God will bless u 4 telling dem d trut…wat sort of demonic date is [email protected]….? Infact,i used 2 b proud of her (Kate)…[email protected] she’s responsible in terms of her carrier…until d divorce tin came up infact she’s a failure so far.. & d wrst of it all is they r nt ashamed 2 say it out on tv. May God av Mercy on our celebrities-Amen

  1. What did u mean stop promoting fake relationship that wont work.because u are living under the moon, dont u see janet jackson 46yrs marry man of 37yrs never marry b4 and she third marriage. if they love each other, why not,they own no body apology,we are in free world .

  2. Rubbish!rubbish!! & more rubbish. Is it crime to be famous & rich? I thought kate got married to a lebanese some years back. Has the marriage crumbled or what? God have mercy on this celebrities!

  3. 2 lover birds, it’s gonna be great cos Henshaw already knew how to play luv part in a movie and Banky also is a don in luv songs…wow…what a combinasan as Jenifa talks

  4. Females in d entertainment industry should learn to stick to their husbands and stop decieving d world, haba wetin happen !

  5. Haha, this reminds me of your post in reference to Nigerian men and foreign wives. I would rather date an older oyinbo woman who go do Pali for me and dey entitled to good quality of life than marry this Nigerian woman with nothing to offer. If we both fall sick now , na Nigeria Help Help we go dey shout so they can fly us to India for treatment. Comedy thingz

  6. Have they both confirmed that thay have something to do with each other? Cos the writer of this post only indicated that they are close to each other not that it was confirmed from either of them that they are dating. So pls leave all judgements to God and stop being so African that sees a man and a woman talking or laughing together and come to a dating conclusion.

  7. The Ashawo toto don sweet Banky W well well. If not how on earth would a young man of his calibre would stoop so low for this old mama. The truth is that Nigerian celebritis are not worthy of marriage. Sleep with them and let go is what they truely deserves.

  8. It ix said dah wen making a dcisn or chosen a life partner or going in2 a relatnship u just av 2 recogitate nd also u shud stick 2 wah fitx u… So dey shudnt b criticize or b made caricature of… Let dem b nd let dem make dia choice nd decisn on whom 2 date nd whom nt 2 date.. Afterall itx a democratical nation.. Cari go jare.

  9. Rather than giving mockery comment out there let’s pray for them to get married too just like Janet Jackson 46 and Wissam 37. It is life, our destiny lies in the hands of God.

  10. I think so too! All dis celeb sef, what they do is dating now and dumping tomorow. I hope this dating of a thing betwn banky and kate wil last even after marrage? Miss. Kate i’ll advice that u use head very and kwm hw u spend ur cash with him, bcos 4 me i fear all our so called naija celeb (almost all males bt few female, e.g tonto)

  11. Aunty Kate please dissociate yourself from dis display of moral degradation. I hold you in high esteem that you should stoop so low and cheap for a man that doesn’t worth your decency and virtuousity!

  12. I beg, did those of you raining insults on them take your time to read the article? Stop encouraging such articles. the witter made an insinuation not facts. for all you know, its only genuine friendship between them.

  13. U haven’t heard frm d horses mouth yet but all u do is 2 abuse, insult & judge 4 all u care. Some of u r worse dan dem & let me add here dat ‘sin is sin’ we shal all stand b4 God Almighty. Dem no go greet again bcos una get hand 2 type or mouth 2 talk na waoh.

  14. My people!!! Make una take am easy now. Ha! All these negative reactions are very unnecessary, unwarranted and TOTALLY OUT OF PLACE Mind U, their endorsement deals have been renewed which means more of working ”closely” 2geda. Be rest assured that with their strong individual personalities, they would stay out of scandalous issues. Pls hold ur fire and let them be. Cheers.

  15. Some ppl r very fast to cast d 1st stone…always judging nd talking as if dey r witout flaws.Its not just about d adoration I have for these two celebritIes its d way some ppl pen dwn wateva cms to mind witout tinkn dat made me stop to write dis down.d writer of dis post didn’t say dey were was an observation on d part of d writer dat dose two hav bcm closer this past weeks.and even if dey r datin whose business is it?even if she is older- Africans Age is just a number.d most important tyn is Happiness and u can’t cntrl destiny.if she nd ha foreign husband r enstranged its bcos it was meant to be…I love d combination tho Buh a lil addition 4 d two frnds above:pls if u both r datin do it fruitfully and if frnds continue cos we all nid frnds in our lives…Kate henshaw will always have my respect since I was a child wen I watched Candle light…

    • Y is everybody running his mouth wen d source is nt a reliable one? U all suld be certain b4 jumping in to conclusion plzzz

  16. Hope its not true. But if its true den its very bad. As celebs dey ar role models 2 some peeps and wat ar dey teachin dere viewers…2 jump into marriage and get out wen dey like? What GOD has joined 2geda let no man put assunder includin a judge. Dey ar nt gud role models and our youth shld b careful of people we cal role models……

  17. Please guys stop making up false news just because they hit a deal or make pose 4 a pizs does not mean their dating plz guys let our comment be base on facts and not just mere assumption or guess

  18. Hey, slow down y’all. They ain’t into a relationship, it’s all boils down 2 the samsung ambassadorial business friend thing ok. Thats wat’s got dem close period!

  19. look b4 u leap, that does;t look like they are dating and if they are dating why cant you give a positive ideal rather than castigating. nawah 4 u people

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