Kefee: “My Mother Suggested I Become A Prostitute”

kefee prostitute

March 4, 2013 – Nigerian Artist Kefee Obareki: “My Mother Suggested I Become A Prostitute”

In a recent Live TV interview last week, ace Nigerian gospel artist Kefee Obareki popularly called Kefee who revealed she had a tough upbringing confessed how her mother suggested she become a prostitute to make ends meet.

The branama singer said she had to secretly leave the village where she was born for Lagos in search of a better life by ignoring her mom’s suggestion.

All calls made to Kefee’s line proved abortive as she allegedly ignored them.

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13 thoughts on “Kefee: “My Mother Suggested I Become A Prostitute”

  1. Na she sabi if she like make she do prostitute.sebi she no tell her mama before she go lagos… And she kon find herslf in musical industry she na so e kon easy like dat??? Na her mother born her,she no her beta than other person. Na she sabi jawe.

  2. U look like a witch, u kal urself a gospel artist wat msg ar u passing across wit d way u look? God help gospel artist of nowadays.

  3. If sh s bin caught in any funy act in d pas or presently sh shud tink of oda lies nt insultin hr moda,no moda cn sugest dt 2 hr chld. God wil punish hr 4 ds lie.

  4. She should hav chused 2 bcom a prostitute,instead of becomin who she is now,bcos she’s worst dan a prostitute

  5. You’re very foolish to have allowed ur rottened brain think of such, and ur dementia so chronic having allowed that off ur stinking mouth for d world to hear. More worrisome, u claim dat u preach with ur freaking opportunistic singles.

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