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Kim Jong Un’s Half Brother, Kim Jong Nam’s Killer Arrested Days After His Assassination

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Kim Jong Un’s Half Brother, Kim Jong Nam’s Killer Arrested Days After His Assassination

kim jong un brother assassinated malaysia

Feb 16, 2017 – Woman Arrested For Assassinating Kim Jong Un’s Half Brother At Malaysian Airport Confesses

Kim Jong Un’s Half Brother, Kim Jong-nam’s Killer Arrested Days After He Was Assassinated At Malaysian Airport

The half brother of North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un was murdered by two women in Malaysia on Monday.

The assassins suspected to have been sent by the brother of the deceased reportedly poisoned him using a fountain pen at Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur airport.

The deceased who has been in exile in Macau since he escaped an assassination attempt on his life in 2012 was said to have set himself up for death due to careless use of the social media.

Kim Jong Nam killers

One of his killers reportedly said she was told to play a prank on him and that she didn’t know the spray from the fountain pen she was given will kill him.

The second woman who used an handkerchief to cover Kim Jong Nam’s face and 4 other suspects are still at large.

South Korean intelligence reported that late Kim Jong-nam wrote a letter to his brother Kim Jong-un begging for his life but it appears Jong-nam was never forgiven for criticizing his half-brother.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jilo

    February 16, 2017 at 5:12 PM

    That little boy (North Korea President) is a killer. That was why his late father choose him over his brother as a successor. His deceased brother is little bit liberal. He has been going against his brother on social media especially on Nuclear warfare. I think because of this, his brother who is a current president of North Korea has been going after his life.

    Meanwhile, immediately after the death of this man, his brother Kim Jon Un’s demanded for his body but the Malaysian authority insisted that they must conduct an autopsy on the deceased. They promised to release the corpse after their investigation which means they knew that the deceased was poisoned by most powerful people in North Korea government . There is no question this guy killed his half brother for power dominion .

    The case of this guy reminds me of our President Buhari. Similarly, Buhari might have secretly poison by some unscrupulous corrupt politicians who do not want him to succeed due to the way he has been fighting corruption. Nowadays you don’t have to pull trigger in order to carry out high profile assassination The Russia KGB killed a Russian dissident in Washington DC hotel and they traced some amount of Cyanide in his system during autopsy. Till today Russia denied any involvement.

    As the world increases in technology, we have also becoming more sophisticated in murderer. People are getting killed without known what kill them. Powerful people are getting killed without knowing what kill them. Gone are the days of letter Bomb “Courtesy Dele Giwa” Nobody uses that again because it is traceable. Now the evil people on planet are now adopting the new sophisticated way of eliminating their adversaries.

    According to one documentary that I watched, a man was stricken with just umbrella in his leg and umbrella has been equipped with lethal poison. The lady who intentionally did that apologized to that man as if it was a mistake. It was during the rush hour when everybody is busy. The man eventually died mysteriously. You can be hugged with a lady and poison might have been planted in that lady cloth, you may shake people’s hand not knowing poison have been robbed through your skin and that is it. Fast forward to President Buhari there are some people such as Madam Olojuede Allison Madueke, Saraki who was a Medical Doctor may know much about this method just to get Buhari out of their way. Just thinking aloud! however, anything is possible in Nigeria.

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