Kogi Youth Leader Urges Mercy Johnson & 62 Other SSAs To Reject Appointment


mercy Johnson reject political appointment

March 16, 2017 – Kogi Youth Leader Urges Mercy Johnson & 62 Other SSAs To Reject Appointment, Asks Governor To Clear Unpaid Salary Arrears & Pay Pension Of Retirees

Some indigenes of Kogi state have come after Governor Yahaya Bello for wasteful spending after he allegedly created 63 new SSA political positions in the state marred by unemployment and suffering.

In a press statement released in Lokoja today, the leader of a PDP Youth group in Okene, Mr Austin Okai urged the political appointees to turn down the appointments so as to allow Governor Yahaya to clear workers salary arrears backlog and pay the pension of retirees.

Austin who revealed that each appointees will receive N350,000 salary urged the state government to channel the money to better things.

His words:

True talk! Another father Christmas has just emerged.

Santa Yahaya Bello go soon start distributing free rice and chicken.

7 thoughts on “Kogi Youth Leader Urges Mercy Johnson & 62 Other SSAs To Reject Appointment

  1. These governors give these appointments for a way to be sleeping with these women. Look at Mercy Johnson, a high profile, who has a descent acting job, making good income, living comfortable, she does not need this job but of course the governor wants the body. Her husband, moomoo, looks so happy when a governor has bought a ticket to be sleeping with his wife.
    Any people are suffering in Nigeria. someone is already complaining workers are not paid but you should see the money Mercy Johnson and the rest will be making. Nigeria will never do well. Go to abroad, you will never see this yeye unnecessary appointments. The governor will travel with Mercy Johnson and the rest will be…..??

  2. true talk..she should reject it and rather canvass for youths empowerment.no be entertainment people go chop.same way tubaba chickened out for feb rally.63 SSA AND COULDNT pay salaries..senator dino of kogi driving expensive cars with flaboyant trips abroad.wonders shall never end.kogites wake up

  3. I said it and will still repeat it here….all these celebrities are money mule to the politicians. Even if these positions are necessary,why not appoint so many qualified applicants,new graduates roaming around everywhere. We will still be blaming Buhari for everything…

  4. This is true to be talking. Even Meena is also true to be talking. Mon is a followment of true to be talking and Bok is also a followment of the line. Iron Bar is also in the followmental true talkerity. Kogi Govanor is have conji on top of Mercy Johnson but he no know how to poshuu the conjiment away, so he come give her appoint. And Prince Okojie is not even dey sharp to sabi wetin is plan behind him until Mercy Johnson is born pikin weyris rizembul to the govanor. Rastaman can not posibul to owe pipul salary. Make we vote only rastaman for 2019 Nigeria election so that Nigeria will good. Rastaman Na meziah weyris save us.

  5. Rather than condemn Mercy &co why not rally behind them to push through development projects for the state as well as resolve salary problems. Bench, IRon, Meena, Bok, Mon would you reject such appointments if the opportunity show up! Their reasons for accepting might be to implement the change we so much want.
    Ranting will not help. ..

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