LA-Based Nigerian Dolapo Asiru & Wife Spotted With Ex-President George Bush

dolapo asiru president george bush

March 20, 2014 – LA-Based Nigerian Dolapo Asiru & Wife Spotted With President George Bush

Meet Dolapo Asiru, a popular Los Angeles-based investment banker who dines and wines with Presidents and dignitaries all over the world.

Sources disclosed that Dolapo is an advisor and confidants to Presidents around the world.

He was recently spotted with former American Presidents George Bush Junior and Senior and Governor Jeb Bush in Crawford, Texas.

dolapo asiru los angeles

The publisher of Ovation International Magazine, Dele Momodu made this known on his instagram page today.

Many Nigerians who came across the above picture claim it was photoshopped.

If we take into account the personality of the man himself, it is likely not a photo trick.

See more photos of Dolapo Asiru and some dignitaries below:

dolapo asiru president george bushDolapo Asiru and wife with President Bush Junior

Dolapo Asiru with Michael Jackson brother, Jermaine

Dolapo Asiru, Theresa Kufuor, Ex-US President Bush and Wife, Laura, President John Kufuor

Dolapo Asiru with Gabon’s President Omar Bongo

See Dolapo Asiru’s mansion in Los Angeles, California

dolapo asiru mansion LA

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7 thoughts on “LA-Based Nigerian Dolapo Asiru & Wife Spotted With Ex-President George Bush

  1. I know the man he is a very humble man I doubt if the photos were altered
    Why can’t u Nigerians appreciate your fellow citizens
    Are you saying a Nigerian can’t pose with American President
    Stop the low-life mentality people

  2. Dear Dorothy,please don’t sweat much for this.Majority of people judge others based on their life and environment,If they can’t touch the moon they generalized it that is impossible to see it not to talk of touching.Asiru you and Jermaine look so much like blood brother.Asiru the sky is your limit.A face we can look up to and say he did.

  3. Thank God for Nigerians lyk Dolapo who make us proud. More grease to ur elbows. I pray I also rub shoulders wit world figures lyk u are doing now. Amen.

  4. I have know dolapo ashiru and his beautiful wife joann for 10 yrs he and his family are humble,loving,educated,and honest hard working people

  5. i know him personally this is not photoshop at all his late mom owns the house i live in ijebu ode,his wife name is Dunni and he has 3 girls

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