Pregnant Nigerian Actress Ladeji Silifonia Beaten To Death By Lover

nigerian actress beaten to death

Nov 28, 2012 – Ladeji Silifonia Silifat Is Dead: Pregnant Nigerian Actress Beaten To Death By Lover

Upcoming Nigerian actress, Silifat Ladeji popularly called Silifonia is dead

Ladeji Silifonia was beaten severely by her lover in Lagos State Nigeria few hours ago.

The heavily pregnant mother of two bled to death after battling serious assault by her long-time lover over an undisclosed argument.

According to a close friend of Silifonia, her boyfriend who allegedly beat her to death today is fond of beating his past girlfriends.

Ladeji Silifornia‘s death has brought shock to the heart of her fans online and offline.

Few hours after her death condolences have started pouring on her death:

Few of them below:

Sleep well in the bossom of de lord sweet Sis, u are so nice, so humble, so accomodating

Ma lovely fwend is hard to belive dat u ve gone so soon but remeber ur best fwend chiwendu loves u more in d world

U represented a young woman that struggled, endured, loved, was loved, futuristic, conscious, socialized, caring mother, caring neighbour, career focusing, God fearing but died tenderly.

May Almighty Allah be with Amira and make your dreams and prayers come to past on her. May He grant you forgiveness and put you in PARADISE. Amin.

R.I.P …so painful.

Rest in perfect peace in the bosom of the lord, till we meet to part no more.

So sad u left so soon but God knws d best,ur memories Lingers in my in d bossom of d Lord.

God saw you were getting tired, and a cure was not meant to be
So he put his arms around you, and whispered come with me
With tearful eyes we watched you, as we saw you pass away
Although we love you deeply, we could not make you stay
Your golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest
God broke our hearts to prove to us… He only takes the best

Ladeji Silifonia May ur soul rest in peace RIP….

Ma bestie ma fwend ma no one y dis not wat we planned y ooo ma fewnd now u ve gone for Good hmmm wat a heart break I miss u so much Rip

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May her soul rest in perfect peace!

41 thoughts on “Pregnant Nigerian Actress Ladeji Silifonia Beaten To Death By Lover



  1. What on earth drives a man to beat a woman till death? Moreso, a woman carrying his children. This man is an animal and should be brought to justice.
    May her soul rest in peace.

  2. I hope men will learn and stop beating their wives for whatsoever reasons.that was so wicked of the hunband not even minding d fact that she was pregnant…. too bad. May her soul RIP

  3. Beating a pregnant woman? Dats insanity! May God give her family nd kids d strength 2bear dis loss…as 4d husband well i no his eyes re now open. He has 2 face it no 2ways about it

  4. Wow it so sorrowful that death just take her from us what can we do we look left
    Right up and down we could not her again may she so Rest on perfect
    Peace R.I.P hMMmmmmm iku daorOooo siliphonia O ma ga we can’t blame God for making such to happen. Good byEeeee siliphonia O di igba O se Oooo

  5. Why all this sad news, the Other day, it was one Mr Suileman pouring acid to her supposed wife Miss Chika. Now its another beaten her Lover to death. all this has same connection ‘Love’. May God help us all. and May her soul rest in peace, Amen…

  6. what a useless fellow beating a pregnant women to death? Sooner or later he gonna pay for his predicaments.As for the lady, is RIP.

  7. Why do men keep beating there women , a real man don’t beat his woman , talk less of beating a pregnant woman to death that guy will go straight to hell , he is not a human being he should be sent to the Zoo with the Lions to fight it out there since he can beat someone s child to death , for all the ladies stay away from violent and abusive men they don’t deserve a woman.

  8. he is an animal dat is y he culd raise a finger on a woman, a pregnant one at dat. hmmm dis life is a teacher i hope all dose animals out dere are learning from dis. that monster must face d wrath from both man and GOD IF HE DOES NOT REPENT. may her soul REST IN PEACE…Amen.

  9. whaooo dis is a pity. may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. The baggar called husband should be sent straight to prison and later hang by his neck till he drop dead. What a sad news. I am a man, i live my wife dearly not to talk of hurting or beating her, dis is uncivilised. I pray dat god will look after her 2 kids.

  10. Please kind stop spread’n infomation dat is nt true…… Itz sad we loast her but nto to battery or assault, her lover keaed nd took kea of her till deathm

  11. Dis absurd for a man to beats a woman talkless of a lover,irrespective of wot myt go wrng at least for d sake of”LOVE” dey shared,share he sudnt ave at all mstly in d pregnancy situation. RIP ladeji

  12. Our fellow African sister – may her soul rest in peace. Facing death carrying a life in your womb, were not supposed to be what u deserve. My heart is sore…

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