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Lady Abandons Dead Grandmother’s Corpse To Find Money To Keep Her In Mortuary

lady abandons corpse dead grandma

Nov 19, 2017 – Lady Who Abandoned Dead Grandmother’s Corpse In Calalbar Over Inability To Find Money To Keep Her In Mortuary Arrested

Panic engulfed Adak Uko street in Calabar when the the decomposing body of an elder woman was found locked in her home.

A resident of the compound said they started perceiving a strong smell in the past couple of days.

The resident, who did not want to be named, said they had thought an animal had died in one of the roofs of one of the buildings in the compound and they got a carpenter to check the ceilings of all the buildings in the compound.

He said after they checked the ceilings and found nothing they called the police who came and checked the room and found the rotting body of the old woman.

He said neighbours had suspected the deceased’s granddaughter, a teacher, who was living with her of killing the woman and keeping her body in the room.

“People suspect that it is the girl that killed the woman because she comes back every from work and still stays in the same room with the dead woman. The police have come and arrested her and even arrested other people in the compound,” he said.

But Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Irene Ugbo, said investigations showed the granddaughter did not kill the woman.

She said the dead woman was kept in the house because she had died and there was no money for her to be kept in the mortuary as her granddaughter was sourcing for money to bury her.

“The woman actually died and the girl went out to look for money because it is a very poor family. They were looking for money because it is a very poor family. So she left the woman. So when the landlord got to find out, he went to report the community and they said he should call the police and they did the investigation and found out that the lady did not kill her grandmother,” she said.



  1. Tawakalit

    November 19, 2017 at 12:41 AM

    This bring tears to my eyes but where are the children of the late woman
    If they haven’t bury her pls send me their contact number, I will sponsor it please dis is very important to me.

  2. jamsolong

    November 19, 2017 at 1:22 AM

    i need the contact number of the granddaughter pls

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