Lagbaja Unmasked Version 2013: Is This Bisade Ologunde’s Real Face?

lagbaja real face

March 27, 2013 – Lagbaja Unmasked Version 2013: Is This Bisade Ologunde’s Real Face?

The above photo of Lagbaja first surfaced last year. The picture was released by sources close to Nigerian highlife singer Bisade Ologunde aka Lagbaja who claim he masked his face after his family went against his career choice.

He masked himself because of his family’s opposition to his career and to further protect his family’s image in the church.

A source said he is the son of a baptist deacon and a former choir member at his church in Ilorin, Kwara state.

Take a closer look at the above picture.

Do you think this is the real face of Lagbaja.

Can Lagbaja ever unmask himself?

19 thoughts on “Lagbaja Unmasked Version 2013: Is This Bisade Ologunde’s Real Face?

  1. Lae lae, the two pictures are not the same, the mask person is taller than unmask person, and lagbaja has long hand, lagbaja eye ball is lager while unmask one is tiny, if u see the first lagbaja picture they posted, his eyes showed very well from the mask u can easily see their eyes and know the difference.

  2. By the way, why would the person unmask Lagbaja, for what now, the person who tried to do this is an enemy of progress, the style Lagbaja used (MASK) is divine wisdom from above, is either (Bisade Ologunde)Lagbaja or no one else forever, the day lagbaja unmask himself, the day his dignity and honey in his music is gone, because what make him special and unique is the mask nothing else, he can only unmask himself when he is not on stage, whenever he’s at home with his family he can not be on mask even with that nobody can identify him, only few people that are very close to him or people that knows him before his new career can identify him, so therefore, whenever lagbaja is coming for any public event or any invitation in the name of lagbaja, he must come with his mask because that is what that made him LAGBAJA people are eager to so not unmask one. When Lagbaja is driving in the street or going for any other personal things aside from the music, he can not mask himself because that is ordinary person and nobody will ever know is him, unless a close people, or may be where he need to write his name and somebody is there that knows his real name can identify him there and the person can easily tell people around as gossip that THIS IS REAL LAGBAJA O. they may not even believe him. So Nigerian leave lagbaja alone o, dont unmask him o, let him unmask himself when he’s old and retire from music o.

  3. Why must somebody wake-up one day and decided to unmask Lagbaja, If I may ask WHAT FOR NOW? The person should be enemy of progress, what made Lagbaja unique is the mask, the day lagbaja unmask himself the day all his dignity and honey in his music are gone, God forbid, whenever lagbaja is going for any public event or by invitation to anything in the name of lagbaja, he must mask himself because that is what that made him LAGBAJA, is the mask man they invited not unmask man, people want to know the secret behind your music, the style lagbaja picked was divine wisdom from above, he can only unmask himself whenever he’s BISADE OLOGUNDE i.e. with his family and when he does not in anything doing with lagbaja man, then even if he’s in the car either private or public vehicle or working along the street, nobody can identify him unless his family and a very close friends who knows him before his new career. He can only unmask himself whenever he’s retire from music. The style God gave him is for him alone, is either ologunde LAGBAJA or nobody else forever. Nigerians please don’t unmask him o, I don’t think is mask is in anyway your concern. LONG LIFE TO YOU LAGBAJA.

  4. Nnnaaaa dis guy no fit b lagbaja abeg…..cnt u guyz tke a closer luk at dis 2guyz? Even wt dt mask on, u knw he z more handsome dan dt oda dude

  5. lagbaja we 4ever remain lagbaja dats d man behind d mask in music industry and no one should unmasked him,e joo e fi lee be!

  6. Hey listen up guys, it’s only the reall dude behind the mask who can affirmatively attest that he has been the masked guy else, all y’all are saying is nothing but blab!

  7. @Siji, unfortunately it escaped my mind now but i guess its track 1 or 2 on Paradise album. Thats a lovely track mheeen

  8. This is not Lagbaja at all. The unmasked lagbaja looks more robust. Lagbaja’s concept is the mask which represents the faceless masses (Nigerians) unseen by the Government

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