Lagos APC Orders Dino Melaye To Apologise To Remi Tinubu & Withdraw Rape Threat

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July 13, 2016 – Dino Melaye Has Mental Problem For Threatening To Rape Tinubu’s Wife – Lagos APC Orders Melaye To Withdraw Statement

The Lagos Chapter of the APC party has called on Dino Melaye to go for mental check up for threatening to beat up female Senator Remi Tinubu.

Melaye yesterday threatened to impregnate Tinubu’s wife on the floor of the Senate, a statement that had elicited wide condemnation but which Melaye denied.

Here is a statement issued by the Lagos Chapter of the APC party through its Publicity Secretary Joe Igbokwe;

“We take it that this is a slip of tongue but if it is indeed true that this statement came from the heart of Dino Melaye, we need a psychiatric doctor to examine the state of his mind.”
“His actions and deeds in recent times have contributed in no uncertain terms to various setbacks we have witnessed in the 8th Senate since its inception on June 9, 2015. The hallowed chamber of the Senate of the federal republic of Nigeria is a prestigious place for the serious-minded, cerebral men and women, men and women of honour and integrity, those who can hold their heads when others are losing theirs, experienced but humble men and women.

“It is not for lunatics, rascals, street urchins, ethically challenged bigots or integrity challenged charlatans. It seems to us in Lagos APC that Senator Dino Melaye has reached a point of diminishing returns,’.

“The unstable and funny man from Kogi State has reached a point where there is no other place to go but to go down irretrievably. He can only go down with his likes and not with our own Senator Oluremi Tinubu, the highly revered, honoured and distinguished wife of our National leader, His Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“Lagos APC wants Dino Melaye to move quickly to apologize to Senator Oluremi Tinubu and her beloved husband, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and have the statement credited to him withdrawn without any further delay.”

17 thoughts on “Lagos APC Orders Dino Melaye To Apologise To Remi Tinubu & Withdraw Rape Threat

  1. Dino Melaye is nothing but a nonentity.He is behind the crisis that erupted in the lower chamber when Hon. Dimeji Bankole was speaker.The bastard called Dino was beaten to stupor.He has manoeuvered his way to the upper chamber to destabilise the house again.Dino is insane and he should be asked to go and beat and impregnate his own mother first. One is in doubt if the Ijesa monarch that bestowed the title of “Agba akin” on him is in his right state of mind. Such titles are not meant for his type.There are no fake contracts again,some monarchs have resolved to selling chieftaincy titles and their consciences in exchange for money. This is the same lunatic that cannot manage his family, what he does is point out the gun at his wife and children threatening to kill them.Bastard.

  2. I think there is too much democracy in Nigerian today, how can a law maker disparage his colleague that badly? The disciplinary committee must issue a punitive statement or take corrective action against this over grown mammothept. This is a Lapidable offence, in fact, I am getting tired of this democratic experiment- fortunate public servants are taking Nigerians for a ride. No Oga would dare such thing under military regime, democracy has let loose wild monkeys in our mindst.

  3. And to think that he could do this to the wife of one of the most respected figure in Nigeria without one backward look makes it more surprising.

    Maybe thats what he‘s been doing to the wives of other colleagues of his. But trust me, this one will leave him degraded, diverstated, derailed.

    I take a stroll…

  4. Those are d lawmakers we voted for, highly shameful, his wife and children should not be proud of dis kind of father.

  5. While not supporting the embattled senator if actually he did what he was accused of, however did anyone cross check what must have infuriated him or is it a case of being a female and the wife of a politician so she can never say or do wrong

  6. you must be mad and suffering from spiritual attack.even the mad man of gatherer in the bible. didn,t attempt what you are saying…Dino your end is here and your time is expired both physically and spiritually.

  7. i don’t expect someone like dino melaye representing his people, law-maker for that matter what law exactly these cohort of people are really making.
    its really high time for nigerians to be fully educated and re-orient about the right to withdraw any senators or honourable in the upper and lower chamber which conduct does not portray the interest of the people they are representing in their various constituency.
    if truly Dino actually say all those things, huh! this conduct simply means :
    Dino Melaye was telling the populace that HE is ABOVE THE LAW.

  8. I dont blame him. he has been bitten his ex-wife and nothing happen so he felt he could do the same to somebody’s wife and go free. Sorry is his name.


  10. There should be no negotiation about this issue, APC should stop appealing to this idiot to beg or retracting a vulgar statements he made against his fellow senate colleague. He is a grown ass man and known what to do if it was not intentional. Besides, I don’t think he made that mistakes out of error, he has been nursing ambition to sleep with that woman and he got the opportunity to proclaim this during senate session. You can now imagine the type of people we have in leadership positions in this Country. We have the most pressing issues we suppose to deliberate about but this guy is so focus on sex, sex and how to rape a female member on the house floor. This guy already has a lot of scandal surrounding him. He has a track record of impregnating women, some of them are Nollywood actresses, maltreating and beating up his wife in slight provocation and has no regard for women. This is disrespectful, insult and uncivil against women fold. Dino is a pretender, he will be acting as civil right activist and do the opposite behind the closed door. Dino must be relieved of his position because it appears that he does not know what he is doing. Nigeria cannot benefit anything from this sex predator. Let a serious minded young sharp from his constituency replace him, then he will be free to rape and has as much as sex he wants.

  11. Dino has bitten more than he can chew! You can be sure Tinubu will never let this go. If his Oga, Saraki is not finding it funny after the prank he played to become senate president, is it this irresponsible man that will now go unpunished? How can a sane man threaten to beat up someone in such an environment not to talk of a woman???? There is no doubt that Dino has beaten, raped and impregnanted women before and nothing happened to him. After all , he impregnated nollywood actress bisi Ibidapo Obe ad denied paternity and nothing happened to him but this time, he has met his WATERLOO!!!

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