Nigerian & Zimbabwean To Be Executed In Indonesia

nigerian executed indonesia

July 13, 2016 – Nigerian & Zimbabwean Convicted Of Drug Trafficking For Execution In Indonesia

Indonesia’s Attorney General H.M Prasetyo told reporters today that two foreigners from Nigeria and Zimbabwe are among the 16 set for execution for drug trafficking.

Prasetyo added that at least 16 prisoners would be executed this year and more than double that number next year.

President Joko Widodo has pledged to increase the number of executions this year and next year as part of his crackdown on drugs.

8 thoughts on “Nigerian & Zimbabwean To Be Executed In Indonesia

  1. Good riddance! If the word of mouth cannot make them behave, then eternal silence is not bad. Everywhere you go , one must learn the rules and the culture very quickly and conform to it everyday, not when you feel like.

  2. Must you engage in illegal means to make money and leave a meaningful life? Indonesian government are known for keeping there law and upholding it to the highest degree especially one that ban drug trafficking. Even recently australian citizen was executed there based on drug trafficking after multiple plea from australian government. So why risking your life doing this type of death dealing business. So Manage your life here with us. Things will be better. Don’t go and kill yourselves anymore.

  3. You always want quick money nobody wants to suffer again because of money what a wicked world we are

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