Lagos Wife’s Killer, Lekan Shonde Calls Victim’ Family, Says Ronke Cheated On Him

May 9, 2016 – Nigerian Man Who Beats Pregnant Wife To Death In Egbeda Lagos Tells Late Wife’s Family He Will Kill Himself

Lagos State Police Officials Can’t Arrest Me In 30 Years, I’m A Lagos Boy – Lekan Shonde Speaks From Hideout

After 2 days on the run, the man who murdered his heavily pregnant wife in Egbeda area of Lagos has threatened to kill himself.

wife killer lekan shonde

According to family members of the deceased woman, Lekan Shonde called over the weekend to tell them that he is willing to see his children for the last time.

Late Ronke Bewaji Shonde’s sister urged the suspect to come out since the victim’s mother has forgiven him.

Lekan killed his beautiful wife who is said to be 5 months pregnant in the early hours of Friday the 7th of May 2016 at their home on Tiemo Crescent off Awori Street in Egbeda.

He reportedly locked his two children up with their mother before fleeing to an unknown location.

Their nanny discovered the lifeless body of the former banker on resuming work around 7am.

Hear what the family members of the deceased told Saraha

After he finished speaking with his late wife’s family, Lekan called PunchNG and told them that Ronke’s serial cheating habit forced him to kill her.

Lekan said Ronke reportedly slept with the MD of a publishing company in Abuja and that her unholy extra marital affairs forced him to kill her.

The suspect, a factory worker in Apapa Lagos said he regretted marrying Ronke because his late mother warned him against the union but he never listened.

He however said the officials of Lagos Police Command can’t arrest him because he knows the in and out of Lagos.

15 thoughts on “Lagos Wife’s Killer, Lekan Shonde Calls Victim’ Family, Says Ronke Cheated On Him

  1. since ur mother told u not to marry and u said she is serial cheater, why cant u divorce her and marry Angel,she could be with her 2 young kids more over she is pregant again and her mother all familie need her alive.if not love why u killer can marry that beautifull young educated lady,love is blind some times.

  2. You made a mistake Mr killer…if man can’t arrest you, God will surely arrest you with His distinction of judgement. You killed two lives and you think you can walk away free in Court of God?

  3. The man should have filed for a divorce if he thinks/feels the wife was cheating on him.

    His claim that the police cant arrest him coz he knows in and out of Lagos makes me laugh.

  4. Your wife’s blood is arresting you already hence your blabbering to her people and to the media. I hope knowing the in and out of Lagos will feed you in your hide out or huger will arrest you.

    This man is a negative thinker so the children should be kept away from him. His readiness to see his children for the last time might just be a ruse after he has regretted not harming them along with their mother.

    Let the man remain in his hidden bondage away from the kids a beg!

  5. Why is this man so full of himself? This man is not mentally unbalanced. We talking about death here, he just terminated a soul he cant create and all he could say, is hes a lagos Boy he cant be arrested. God have mercy. Who cares if you terminate your life! God will arrest you soon.

  6. In my opinion,the blame should be for the two of them.I don’t think any sensible man in his right frame of mind will hit his wife.that’s why I always blame any woman who is in an abusive’s their fault that they got the beaten cos she must have done something that’s unbearable to the man to warrant hitting in the first my advice to women who is in this kind of marriage is for them to change their bad behaviour that is causing the hitting, learn how to apologise when they are wrong in a calm manner,never challenge your man for a fight.and if you know sincerely that you are not doing anything wrong,especially having an affair cos is the main reason why a man may be pushed to hit,and the man is hitting you because of frustration or being irresponsible or in the influence of alcohol or drugs,please quit the marriage in this kind of situation. Remember, nothing happens for nothing. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction in physics but in human terms reaction is more than action .so let’s not always blame the man in this kind of case as if the women are saint.

  7. u would have walk away instead of killing her. are u a saint haven’t u cheat too? u are heartless

  8. ok, he should know that he, he muders sleep can never sleep.

    if your wife is cheating on you why didnt you divorce her instead of killing her.

  9. This is what our elders used to tell us that Patience is the tool that a man must possess to be able to be a good husband. I pitty the motherless children now. May God care for them. The suspect cannot run for long before he reports himself to the police.

  10. I just can’t believe this! Words fail me!
    May her precious soul rest in perfect peace, amen.

  11. Foolish man. Must you kill her? Why didn’t you divorce her and live your life? You must be caught and that is soon.

  12. You shouldn’t have killed her with pregnant, If really she was cheating on you. You should have divorce her instead and you want to kill yourself, it is not the solution, clave to God only.

    What will you tell your God, do you know you are murder? Nawahoo better repent and ask God for forgiveness

  13. Women are no saint and I want all and sundry know and understand that women are the only parents who really truely knows who is the biological father of their children.

    However, the man ought not to killed the woman come what may.
    Now, the whole wide world including my very self are apportioning all the blames on him bcos he did the unacceptable- murder his wife-

    Well, the police command may not be able to arrest him after killing two people he thought all is well but has he thought about karma, Nemesis? Can he escape them?

    I take a stroll…

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