Security Man Burnt To Death In Shomolu Lagos House Fire

security guard burnt to death shomolu lagosThe House

May 9, 2016 – Security Gurad Burnt Alive In Shomolu Lagos House Fire

Suleiman Aliyu, a 28-year-old Security guard died on Saturday in a house fire in Shomolu area of Lagos.

The incident which happened at 15 Obiwunmi Street off Fola Agoro around 1:30pm engulf the security guard’s quarters killing him on the spot.

LASEMA officials said the fire was caused by the petrol stored in the security house.

His body has been handed over to his family for burial.

LASEMA urged residents to stop storing petrol or other inflammable materials in their homes.

7 thoughts on “Security Man Burnt To Death In Shomolu Lagos House Fire

  1. Too bad! RIP.

    With the perennial petrol scarcity in the country, one would be tempted to store the product in his house. This is yet another risky thing that the govt has forced its citizens to do. The only remedy as of now is to store the highly inflammable product away from your building, and away from heat and fire.

  2. Awwwwwwwww, I can only wish him rip. This is a lesson for all. Its not good to hoard petrol.

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