Lagos Katangua (Katangowa) Market To Be Closed By Fashola

lagos katangua market to be closed

Dec 3rd, 2012 – Lagos Katangua Market (Katangowa)To Be Closed By Fashola

Lagos state is set to close the popular Katangua Market (Katangowa) located in Agbado Oke Odo area of Lagos State, Nigeria.

The popular second hand (Okirika) clothing trading hotspot in Lagos may be no more.

The market that has over 30,000 active traders is a top Okirika market in Nigeria with thousands of buyers flocking in from all over the country.

Katangua market that started over 30 years ago is set to cease from existence following a visit Governor Babatunde Fashola paid to the market on Thursday.

On November 29, the reknown Governor made a tour of the facility in a plan to build a Digital Village that might cost Lagos billions of Naira to complete.

Lagos State Government plans to relocate Computer Village traders in Ikeja to the popular Katangua market.

The Fate Of Katangua (Katangowa) Market Traders?

While addressing the worried traders, Governor Fashola claims they’re not the rightful owner of the land.

He said the 17 Hectares of Land they occupied is owned by Lagos State Government .

The traders however begged the governor to move them to Amikanle area but Raji Fashola makes no commitment to their requests.

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Do you support Katangua market’s closure ?

Should Lagos State Government pity thousands of traders who make their daily living from this market?

18 thoughts on “Lagos Katangua (Katangowa) Market To Be Closed By Fashola

  1. Mr Fashola cares about nobody, he don start again – after the reconstruction of Tejuoso, the only people that has shop rented their were the riches – i mean how does Mr Fashola want all the Kantagowa traders to survive but lets wait and see may be their is going to be provisions for them to survive with their families and if not

  2. Gov. Fashola should please provide alternative location for d Katangowa traders or else d rate of criminality wil increase in Lagos & Ogun States.


  4. i wonder if nigerians are not actually spiritually myopic. when you step out of nigerian shores you marvel at how organized some society are and you hear nigerians saying our leaders should borrow idea from such places. the same nigerians will stupidly forget that to put a structure to a structureless society will entail some pains. because people are poor in nigeria, a governor is expected to fold his arm till his state becomes a no-man’sland and a jungle of sort where anything goes.
    may the Lord deliver us from sheer ignorance and inborn stupidity.

    • Susan am sorry 4 some one like u. Are u saying what fashola is about to carry out is right? Have u been to other country? Their leaders don’t treat there citizens this way nigeria leader do.

  5. my coment, is that i advise, mr fashola to continiuned with is work,The truth of the matter is that, nothing Good come out easly,my second advice to him is that, he should grant them an indulgence whereby after the carry out of the work, there wl be drasticarlly reduction of anything that wl be lenting out by LAGOS STATE GOVERMENT,where it wl send the trader backs to their village, thanks for my comment.

  6. BRF abeg find althernative place for them to trade oh, if not the crime rate will increase in lagos.

  7. Please,your excellency provide another place for them.The poor has suffered a lot in nigeria. Please…Please Sir.

  8. All these things brf is doing is not right.he has sent okada riders away from lagos state&now he want deprive innocent traders of their means of livelyhood.its getting too much!na him go first be SAN

  9. Infact mr fashola suposed 2 remba the past wen he ask for second team to add that okada is goin 2 be bound nd popular okirika village wll shutdawn after he might elected.@ the back of my mind if mr govnor can take a luk at this nd stop frustating the masses.look @ kai wen they hav custody of a woman they lik to advantage of the person.infact if the so called fashola can be poor one day to occupy one room apartment I wll vote for him during the presidental election. IT’S TOO MUCh!

  10. This is absolutely inhuman treatment to mankind. People are suffering in dis country nd our leaders are nt doing anything to salvage d situation but rather continue harassing we the poor wit useless policies dat cannot benefit the masses. Like wat my colleegue have said for him to experience poverty one day, nothin is impossibe fr Him to do. This is going to cause to confusion in states because they will follow suit by doing the same. “Enough is enough”

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