Lagos State Bans Muslim Students From Wearing Hijab In Public Schools

hijab banned lagos public schools

May 15, 2013 – Lagos State Government Banned Muslim Students From Wearing Hijab In Public Schools

According to Lagos State Education Commissioner, Mrs. Olayinka Oladunjoye, the usage of Muslim head wears Hijab and other religious outfit is against the policy of the state’s government.

She said public school students of Lagos state are only allowed to wear formal uniforms to school and that the usage of Hijab and other religious headgears wouldn’t be allowed in public schools.

“I summoned a stakeholder’s meeting that was chaired by the Commissioner for Home Affairs and Culture, Alhaji Oyinlomo Danmole. The Muslim students were represented at the meeting, Lawyers were represented. We discussed the issue at length and we reached certain agreement.

“We agreed that students could only use their Hijab when they want to go for prayers, when they want to read Qur’an, and when they are going for Jumat prayer on Fridays.

“It was agreed that no student should wear Hijab on her uniform. Doing so will cause confusion and break down of the law. Whoever wish that his daughter should be wearing Hijab while going to school and within the school should send such child to a private Muslim school,” said Mrs Olayinka in a press briefing

34 thoughts on “Lagos State Bans Muslim Students From Wearing Hijab In Public Schools

  1. this religion has been given alot of priviledge that is y it is been abused there by allowing alot of evil to be pepetrated all in d name of religion.

  2. Great step to educational sanitation; differentiating religion from education. I hope northern muslims will learn from their Lagos counterparts.

    • Hmm!! Mulikat u ar a disgrace to islam, dis indicate inadequate islamic knowledge in ur head.

  3. I love dis ideal. God will continue to give you more wisdom and undastandin. Hijab sud be outside the school activities. I no some ppl will still be ignorant of this idea. If the skul support beret, they will fail to use it. Peace out jawe

  4. Should u all non-Muslims go thru ur holy books comprehensively, its is clearly stated that females(women/ladies) should always cover their hairs irrespective of where they are or doing.

    • olugbode or whtever u cal urself u are d bigest fool in d whole wide world. Go to hell idoit, u need delieverance

      • Destiny you ar destined 2 b a blind fool in lyf. Olubode was right bt ur foolishness deemed him wrong, go back nd study ur bible.

  5. D issue of religion is destroying d standard of education in some state. Thanks 4 d state. Because it will only cause discrimination among d teacher & d student.

  6. @chinny nd mercee, wotz d celebratn al abt?MTCHEEW!! Anyway, d govt are on point,Hijab should be used durin jumat service or wen its time 4 solat,nd after d skul closes… d fact is dat wont stop us from being muslims. LOBATAN!

  7. Hijab is not against the law in any way madam,
    Keep your hatred out of ur job.
    What a ridiculous idea. I beleive you are cover with hatred that u did lost ur mind.
    Today, the Immoral dresses we c on our students in public and private schools should be address not the moral and moderate dresses of muslim girls.
    If you are a good mother and a good Christian not a hypocrite, u will know the hijab is not a confusion and break down of the law. Mary, mother of jesus wears hijab in all her beautiful pictures in the bible.
    I hate seeing Islam been represented by politicians who sold their religion for title. Hypocrite Muslims and Christians.
    The code of our country is that u are free to wear what u want, so far it is modesty.

  8. This is sellfishness and mind u every citizen has right to practice his or her religion, its not a privilage pls.

  9. Nice one, this is a very good decision. I hope the evil doers will comply. if they dont, they should be sent back to the north including THE SO-CALLED YORUBA MUSLIMS that are named as not being original muslims by hausa people.

  10. Its unfurtunate to discriminate muslim students to wear hijab so that they can cover their body as been teached and allow by islam.i ddnt undstnd the kind of agreement u hv reach between you and president and union of muslim student of lagos state gvt.islam religious is not like christian we hv vry good teaching and question is that lagos state govenor is he muslim?,if yes y should he allow such thing to happen under his adminstrative?.this is not wat islam is teaching at all in all means.and the muslim student representative also u agree of smtin dt is been teach by islam at all.muslim female should cover all their body at any time at any means accept their face and hand in some cases islam does bt say u only wear Hijab if u want pray or want read Qur’an islam does nt say so.islam teach that every female shld cover all their body at all d times accept for thier husband nd thier vry close relative.

    • Those who want to put on thire hijab should try islamic school. Secular school should not torlorate any religious atire in the school visinity. Afterall, the cbn governor went to islamic school.

  11. I wonder why the westerns ar on effort 2 destroy the moral principles of muslim. Why do fashola allow such senseless ideology , is fashola & his cabinet telling us dat d ar just muslims by name?

  12. Education has been separated 4rm religion.holier than thou attitudes should take place in ur homes.dis is beta than killing people who put on trousers without warning them.atleast they’ve been warned.2ndly,wearing Hijab doesn’t make u beta than anyone.thirdly,the world is changing,if i may ask did those in the quran and bible used phones,laptops and ipads u now used today.dnt u think it’s nt in the quran.4rm wat i knw,bad dress code isn’t allowed in many universities so stop saying things u do not knw.obey b4 one is above the law

  13. this is senselessness idea, constitutionaly is allowed why our leaders are trying to deprive the right of their mases, make u hijab is basic to all muslims women inrespective of tribe, i advice lagos should withdraw this issue.

  14. It was established that d agreement was made in absence of mssn, all d muslims in power including d governor ar nt muslims really because islam is d total way of life, why restricting a sector frm practising their religion while ur educational law stated freedom of religion, you oladunjoye u beta remove d hatred u av 4 islam God is there watching u did ur bible taught u dat?

  15. Any act or symbol showing islam is so odd before nigerians i didnt knw why, while wearing beret and graduation gowns of higher institutions’ student is nt bt xtianity symbol and no one went against that why islam with these enemies for God sake!

  16. D problem wit most nigerians is religious fanatism! If u muslims don’t lyk d ideal,leave government skuls & den open up ur own skuls where u can do watever u lyk.D law’s respecter of no 1 either u abide by it or u face d consiquences of ur action…skul’s is an educational place not a religious ground!!!

    • Please, be objective and respect other peoples religion. Would you consider following the command of your God as being religious fanatism? You people say those that can comply should attend private schools. Then, for whom is the government school for? Would you say that the governkent school is for those without religion? Would you say it is right for the law made by man requests you disobey your God? The hijab is made compulsary on every maturedmuslim girl/woman by Allah. It is nit something that was introduced into the religion.

  17. they plot and plot against muslim, Almighty Allah will plot against them too, sooner or later they will ask public muslim worker not to cover hair to the office, istead of think how nigeria and nigerians will move forward, some idiot, when they heard about things concerning muslim all there effort is to see that muslim fail. all over the world there is muslim, even in heaven, the only place u cannot find muslim is HELL. so those who hate muslim can go to HELL where they belong. (mother MARY WEAR HIJAB, THE PIOUS WOMAN)

  18. Hey my Nigerian bro/sisters. Allow me comment on this issue. Its really unfortunate for the decision made by the Lagos state concerning the Hijab but what is most unfortunate is the participation of the “so called Muslims” in the decision making. Wearing of the Hijab is MANDATORY for all true believing Muslim ladies at all times and all public places. That is what is stated in the Holy Quran! I truly dont see what confusion or law can be broken by wearing the Hijab. Do you mean to tell me that there are no teachers who wear normal headscurves? The constitution enshirnes freedom of worship. And wearing of the Hijab is one such freedom. Truth be told, its evident that the Nigerian Christians hate Islam.(but do you blame them, what with actions of the accursed boko haram, who have really tarnished our good religion) Also lack of knowledge of what true Islam teaches/stands for, could be another factor. My brethren do not demonise a people just becoz of a few “rotten elements”. We have happily co-exisited with one another despite having different religions. Mutual respect for one another is paramount. Stayed blessed.

  19. Mansur, abduljalee, meenat, truth, u guys r all big fools. Wht do u knw abt dressing? If u guys wan 2 b covering urslf 2 skool why goin public skools? Dnt u guys hv so muslims skools? U can go to hell 4 all I care d idea is d best. All wht u guys knw is 2 bomb bomb bomb n killing innocent pple. Lagos state Govt carry go

  20. Please mind u that we Christians, we are nt religious pple and we can never be, and mind u all we believers and nt traditional ppls.

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