Lagos To Issue Residents Identity Cards(ID): Registration Begins In January 2013

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Nov 9, 2012 – Lagos To Issue Residents Identity Cards(ID): Registration Begins In January 2013

The Lagos State Government is set for the registration of residents starting from January 2013.

Fully registered legal residents will be given an Identity card (ID card) after registration.

The registrations of over 21million people living in Lagos is aimed at providing better governance and to control the influx of illegal citizens .

Lagos State Public Relations Officer, Mr Akin Akiniyi who made the announcement on Thursday said every Lagosian must ensure their information is included in Lagos residents database.

Akiniyi said the registration exercise is set to hold between January and March of next year.

Government has the responsibility to cater for everyone residing in Lagos, regardless of the state or country they came from, “ he said.

Akiniyi said that resident identity card would be issue to those who would be captured during the exercise, to differentiate between legal residents and illegal immigrants.

Interesting to have abroad system working in Lagos.

Fashola keep it up.

11 thoughts on “Lagos To Issue Residents Identity Cards(ID): Registration Begins In January 2013

  1. Nigerians, Is Resident identity card your problem in Nigeria? NO JOBS NO ACCOMMODATIONS NO FOOD NO HEALTH FACILITIES……. 1st you stopped motorbike now Resident ID what next all for the poor to be in pains NIGERIANS lets all look at the BASIC things we need The rich keep fooling the poor to get richer.

  2. This is 100% rubbish. Fashola is becoming dictatorial. Doesn’t think about the populace now. Nigeria is home for everybody. What he’s trying to do is not funny at all. Bcox its an avenue for the useless police to disturb and frustrate the public. Am asking him and his dissapointing team. What will happen to those who don’t have the card.? What I believe in a good govt is that any law pass on. Affect the populace and there reaction will tell if it favour them or not. Why on earth is he coercing on the public. He restrict the okada. But even on the approve road the police will still disturb them.

  3. I am surprise at peoples’ ignorance about this new development. The development will improve every aspect of Lagos economy, reduce crime rate at the long run, and the state government will have an approximately figure of those the state is responsible for. This development should be embrace not to be condemned because most of Nigerians are uneducated, and very harden to learn new system. For example, if we have a database for all Nigerian, our Government will not be corrupt to extreme. If anyone commits any crime in Nigeria, and his not caught at the spot, it’s unlikely the person will be caught for the crime, but with database record, all that is needed is finger print, or even description. In summary this will help Lagos State, and Lagos state Police forensic department.

  4. In as much as I support the issuance of national identity card,. I belief that issuance of a state identity card will be tantamount to dividing nigeria and this will amount to a treason. Lagos state belong to all bonafide Nigerian, we cannot refer to some people as illegal immigrant in their own motherland. You might not be a resident but one should be able to move around and do business without any fear. Fashola should be able to plan any development base on the national census and in liaising with the office of statistic .

  5. MARIS You ARE (ITIBORIBO)Learn how to live with fellow human being. how many years do you think you have to live more here on earth as as everybody.

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