Laide Bakare Gushes About Beauty, Pokes Fun At Nollywood Actresses Bleaching Their Skin

laide bakare natural beauty

May 15, 2016 – Laide Bakare Boasts: I Don’t Use Bleaching Creams Like Others

Laide Bakare Gushes About Beauty, Pokes Fun At Nollywood Actresses Bleaching Their Skin 

In a recent interview, Nollywood actress cum producer, Laide Bakare gushes about her beautiful skin and how she stands out of her colleagues using artificial cream to tone their skin.

laide bakare beauty secret

While revealing the secret to her smooth light skin and beauty, the actress said:

“I see myself as a goddess. I am lucky that God endowed me with so much beauty. I seldom apply make-up and when I do, it is for professional reasons. My skin has always been smooth, beautiful and spotless.

I have never had a single pimple on my face or any part of my body. Why do I have to go through the trouble of wearing heavy make-up? I do not apply any special cream like others do and I do not have a beauty routine.”

18 thoughts on “Laide Bakare Gushes About Beauty, Pokes Fun At Nollywood Actresses Bleaching Their Skin

  1. If I hear, I lay egg! Pls at naijagists get laide’s old pix and let’s compare with the recent. This lady is too full of herself. Quite oblivious she’s bleaching.

  2. She doesn’t look liek a naturally fair lady sorry to say I cant marry a two-toned lizard ewu

  3. Her lips is saying one thing and her fingers are contradicting what her lips is saying.
    Natural beauty needs no campaign it shows.

    I take a stroll…

  4. Na so d girl sabi run her mouth…
    Well u re really lucky if all ur claims were true.
    But i hv dis message for u apart frm d smooth skin u claims u lack d substance dat make a lady stand out of beauty…u seeing urself as a goddess is so decietfull of urself

  5. Abegi, wan lie say u nor bleach,we gree,no p.
    But e sure say yur pekus n ass lines are as dark as charcoal.
    See yur fingers,they black n yellow.

  6. Lier.We know her too well at her mummy’s shop at Post Office road in Mushin.Used to be a big mouthed ugly black dwarf..She should tell that to the birds.

  7. See Laide Ngbeke feeling funky. So unfortunate you are feeling this way , however it is good to feel positive.Find it hard you said these , but if so Laide to tell you the Truth , you have no credibility at all when talking about beautiful woman with beautiful skin, you are not part at all, beAuty and the brain, you are outnumbered, strong woman sweating to achieve dreams ,pls count yourself out.Laide you are just an opportunity grabber ,all you had was grabbed from men . Advice for you stop forcing yourself on public , no one cares.

  8. This is not a smooth skin in the forst place
    And with fake hair
    This is fatti skin that need to sweat out and look more tight

  9. I think they all use bleaching lotions in Nollywood. The only difference is that some Nigerian Celebrity use more than the other. I think Toke Makinwa is an example of a bleaching queen.

  10. Woman you are bleaching all the signs are there .look at your fingers and those ugly stretch marks in your upper arm and you are not beautiful to say the least

  11. Many people of African descent behave like damned f**ls. Why do they focus so much on the colour of the skin. If black skin is a curse, we have to say that it is God’s fault. My people, pleased focus on morality–the concept of good and bad–in dealing with people and things around you. Racism if a mental and psychological condition which requires medication and counselling, unlike what many of us think.


  12. Who told her she is fine anyway?Abeg stop deceiving urself.U know follow at all when they want to count actresses that are beautiful.Stop forcing urself on d public and make less noise.A fool at forty is a fool forever

  13. you are one of them .Do you consider your complexion as natural? Is this the way your complexion was at the beginning of your career? Stop fooling people and go back to your natural complexion. Enough of the cheap publicity.

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