Lanre Gentry Denies Beating Mercy Aigbe, Says Attack Photos From Movie Set

mercy aigbe attacked by husband

April 29, 2017 – Lanre Gentry Denies Beating Mercy Aigbe, Says Attack Photos From Movie Set

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe’s husband has denied ever beating her.

Lanre Gentry took to the social media earlier today to counter the media reports that he had a nasty fight with his wife last week.

Here is what the wealthy hotelier said via his Instagram profile:

12 thoughts on “Lanre Gentry Denies Beating Mercy Aigbe, Says Attack Photos From Movie Set

  1. Is this man alright at all? After beating up,wounding and disgracing your wife you still had the guts to tell everyone that the badly swollen face of your battered wife in that photo was a mere costume or make up things in the movie role she played. If your claim is true,then why is she traveling abroad for treatment? Look Oga! I don’t think Their is any pride, price or joy in beating up a woman no matter what she did to you. Any man who does that is a coward and a crosspatch individual who doesn’t deserve to be with a woman. If she cheated on you why not resort to a legal means of punishing her rather than turned her to an instrument for boxing exercise. Didn’t you also cheat on her as well? Your irresponsible action towards that woman is highly condemnable. You did that to her back then in 2013 and I believe she didn’t just want to open up regarding other constant beating you may have been given to her. My advice for you Women is, be wise and take to your heels when your husband frequently assault you. Save your life first before any reconciliation if at all their would be any. Your life matters.

  2. Mercy na wetin you marry bi dis? see as the man battered English as he battered him wife face. Mercy,i salute you o,na real work you dey do o.

  3. What English can the so-called Mercy speak? Abeg her pot cannot call Kettle black. You’ll should stop this.

  4. Abeg how the Olodo man take open instagram? E for kuku write pidgin, or hire person make e write for an. Go skool u no gree, u say u wan make moni, c as your money no fit write English for u. Shio

    • @Thelma you completely cracked me up. …

  5. No marriage is perfect but that is no reason for wife battery. A man should go fight with a fellow man, than beating up a woman. Women, that is no reason for you also to be aggressive or violent, because, if you hit a man, he has a right to defend himself. Some women also are like tigress, violent, verbally and physically abusive. Respect begets respect. I don’t know how a man will beat me up and expect me to open my legs for him ever again. Hurting or injuring your partner is not love….period!. I hope you have gone your separate ways and learnt your lesson from mistakes made in the relationship. No one needs to die in a marriage. Good luck, guys.

  6. I actually tink this man is saying the truth because for one who was battered and had head fractured and sunday morning she had posted pics without any blemish hence we should ask a question.

    Something definitely is amiss.

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