Lanre Gentry: It Is A Privilege Mercy Aigbe Sent Me To Kirikiri Prison

mercy aigbe sent me to jail

May 18, 2017 – Lanre Gentry: It Is A Privilege Mercy Aigbe Sent Me To Kirikiri Prison

The estranged husband of Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, Mr Lanre Gentry has called on government to take care of prison facilities instead getting involved in issues of domestic violence.

He said the Medium Prison, Kirikiri is supposed to be a correctional facility but instead, it is an overpopulated arena where people die every night.

He made the revelation via one of his social media pages on Wednesday, promising to tell more stories every night.

Mr. Gentry was remanded in Kirikiri last week and has spent seven days in the prison over allegations of domestic violence.

See his full post below.

28 thoughts on “Lanre Gentry: It Is A Privilege Mercy Aigbe Sent Me To Kirikiri Prison

  1. WHEN OUR INORDINATELY CORRUPT LEADERS do not care about the comfort of their citizens who are still walking free and law-abiding, is it the welfare of prisoners who are possibly on the wrong side of the law that should cause them sleepless nights? The prison one place you have to visit to truly ascertain whether a country is great or not.

    JUST LIKE LANRE GENTRY, I WAS equally “privileged” recently to spend some nights in a Nigeria’s police cell. I cursed out my breaths every night I spent there, and the general contempt I had for our leaders turned into hatred. God help me…us! We pride ourselves as the Giant of Africa, whereas in actuality we are the Diminutive Dwarfs of the World.

    • u sound like a reasonable person pls dont support gentry adofuro he is under a spell.

      • He is really under a spell. So government should look the other way while you kill someone all in the name of marriage. You no try at allll!!! I am glad you came out from prison and I do hope you have learnt a lesson or two. Much as we know the prisons in Nigeria is an eye-sore, you can contribute towards assisting govenrment and those men or women who are there for one domestic violence or another. Please change oo. Cos now people de publish book when things bad for dem, when e good we no de hear.

  2. i rejoice with you asiwaju you deserve more of this because of ur love for benin ladies. ur wife temitope has been vindicated oloriburuku somebody

  3. Hahahahaha. Metu Nyetu, so you have entering police cell bifor. Me weyris smoke Igbo up and down everyday have not entering. But you weyris good boy have enter. Chai. Is a thing of eiya. Is also a thing of not by might nor by power but special great of God.

    • I do not understand what you wrote Bench
      not everyone who enter police cell in this country is a criminal.
      you need to stop smoking ganja if u dont want to get a permanent room there

  4. African men please stop abusing your wives. You should remember that one day each one of you will have a daughter and she will also get married. As a father, you do not want another man abusing her. Your wives are someone’s daughter. African men are the most physically abusive creatures and the worst is that African women continues to tolerate and hide it. IT IS NOT OK TO ABUSE YOUR SPOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. As if this Gentry guy is a dumb ass. you don’t go to prison (not even kirikiri) to rehabilitate. you go to prison as a means of punishing your punk ass for a crime committed against fellow citizen. At the time of your imprisonment, you no longer have the privilege of a citizen. You cannot vote or participate in Government. So, Kirikiri is no Tantalizer or Sweet Sensation. What you saw there is where abuser like yourself belong.

  6. I’m sorry sir, you are in no position right now to advise anyone. Not after heartlessly beating your wife ( the mother of your child) to stupor and showing absolutely no remorse. Charity begins at home.

  7. Welcome Mr Gentry. Now that you have a lot to say about prison we can enjoy our amnesia-You did not beat your wife.

  8. We have heard this bifor. One of our leader who had a similar experience promised to ensure prison reformation. Prison reformation should be a continuous thing, because the people that are taken there are Nigerians too and it is suppose to be for corrections please.

  9. Everything happens for a reason, @Metu, you have a very good point, but the truth is Nigeria as a whole is like prison, the different is some are in open prison while others (the one Gentry is talking about) are in locked up type.

    In other words, Nigeria is a zoo…. an average wealthy Nigeria man do not know what life is all about, the only thing they know is how to oppress others.

  10. INTERNAL affairs minister is charge on prisons,immigration where people were scammed for job openinigs and some even lost their lives in a stampede and internal organs for such welfare in prison keep squandering those allocation.he gave out citizenshp status days ago and his other job was to announce pub holidys to the nation.idel kabir,workers day is prison break when its becomes unbearable.

  11. Mr. Gentry or what do you call yourself, it seems you don’t realize what you have done to your wife is wrong. You stooped so low to lay hands on a woman and you are saying the government should not meddle in domestic violence. What kind of a man are you? Is that how your father beat your mother and you think it’s just a norm? Government should be more aggressively involved in domestic violence now more than at any other time. You need to be sent back to tha jail so you can learn that wife beaters belong to jail.
    Concerning the overcrowded jail you mentioned, the government should look into it and take care of it as soon as possible. On the other hand, they should lock people like you up for laying hands on women and same should go for those women who have turned their husband to punching machine.

  12. Lanre Gentry, you must be the world’s greatest fool. Domestic violence is a concern for every country because people die from it. You don’t want Government to get involved so that people like you can kill their partners and get away scot-free right? You deserve the time you spent there and more because no matter what preceded the attack, you had no right laying your hands on another human being much less your wife/mother of your child. You must be a coward. Pick on your own size. Go fight with another man if your knuckles are itching to punch okay? Idiot! Oh also, I hope they create an even worse jail/prison for you and the likes of you. Idiot! Who cares or need your opinion on matters? You should be ashamed of yourself rather than voicing out the state of the prisons. You deserve even worse conditions than that place. You should get a permanent space there until you can control yourself.

  13. Sometimes things happens in our lives that gives us the opportunity to see the other side of life so you can advocate for whatever you know has to be done. Prison, domestic violence etc, are all issues that needs to be addressed by the people and the government.

  14. I think the women in presidency and in government should arise and put a stop on this domestic violence. Tougher punishment minimum 10year jail will caution Nigerian men. Even here in western world is a pity that our women are sentimental if not many men will be in prison by now. This Lanre should serve as scape goat for others with 10 years jail with no option of fine. No remorse and is still talking. either 1 or 2days you were a prisoner. No woman should go near an animal to marry him. From peoples comment I suspect you were beating your 1st wife. Change Olanrewaju and appologise to the whole world, may be if you do the judge may pity you and reduce your term. if not you will be in soup pp will not be able to recognize you again after your term in maximum prison.

  15. I am so impressed with you my fellow Nigerians: you refused to be derailed by Mr Gentry’s tactics.He cannot mitigate his crime-no no!. Empress Njamah is available shebi she knows how not to upset a man. She will be the yin to his yan ; in other words, they are welcome to each other.

  16. Lanre u are a fool. Do u think Govt. Send u to prison to observe? Are u a learner? Pray to escape this fully meaning gbadura ko Bo ibe iwo oloriburuku yi. U can’t beat men like u, u are beating a lady, ur wife for that matter.

  17. Abi. He came out to give us the report of his prison -life assessment. The incurable wife beater did not see domestic violence as a big deal;that is to say, he will do it again.

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