Last Words For Nigeria’s Outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan


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May 28, 2015 – Last Words For Nigeria’s Outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan

Your rise was a fairy tale
That millions for years will continually hail
As one man who obeyed destiny’s call
To stand in our nation’s fame hall,
From the streets without shoes,
To a great nation’s who is who,
Conducting the grandest African political opera,
Reaching a height of uncommon aura.

Some said it was a stint of luck,
Others watched for your every step to mock,
Yet you frolicked through the storms,
With every challenge that loomed
Till God’s desire you bowed,
Amidst the shouts of cowards
To raise your head high again
As a voice for the world’s gain.

We will hear your speeches no more
Especially those to whom your words showed adour,
Of promises of a better transformed Nigeria,
Which you hoped trying to achieved would provide you a glorious career.
But it was short-lived,
By those who had you mid-wifed,
And though you managed to break through,
Somewhere along the line, we lost you.

Those taunts of Jona Jona
Will slowly die to Buhari’s toner
And those your gains which would have you celebrated,
Will now add value to how some other is rated.
You lived with too many first,
Sadly though this time without a fest,
Because you lost to a diehard,
Whose commitment to the nations cause gave you a red card.

Your entrance was celebrated,
From the gods we assumed you had arrived,
But you were perhaps overly rated,
For the task that this nation required.
But then you carried on your task
To prove you were up to the task
And somehow no one saw
However hard you proved your worth.

Yes you tried your hands on transformation,
Trying to build on the ruins that characterized this nation,
Maybe you found yourself around the wrong team
And they killed that light that should have beamed.
So change is arriving,
Or so Nigerians are believing,
That Buhari will offer the promised change,
That will place Nigeria again on the world stage.

So Now Nigerians say bye bye,
With wishes that you’d continue to fly high,
A fine gentleman with a destiny,
With a goodluck that will continue to speak with certainty.
We will miss you, we will miss you,
your former fans are hailing you,
If it’s for the better of Nigeria,
We accept to do without you in this era.

[By Samuel Ekekere, Twitter @naijasoars]