Late Nollywood Actress Bisi Komolafe’s Friend Blasts Her Fiance – “Her Spirit Will Never Let You Rest”

bisi komolafe killed by fiance

Jan 7, 2013 – Late Nollywood Actress Bisi Komolafe’s Friend Blasts Her Fiance – “Her Spirit Will Never Let You Rest”

In response to our article “Late Nigerian Actress, Bisi Komolafe’s Canada-Based Fiance Speaks Up – “Spiritual Attack Killed Her”, a bossom friend of Bisi Komolafe has come open to reveal the never before secret surrounding her untimely death.

The deceased’s fiance identified as Babatunde Ijaodola popularly called Alhaji Tunde has been blamed for hiding her until she is close to her grave.

Bisi’s bossom friend who called her fiance Alhaji Tunde blamed him for the cause of her death.

Here is what the individual said:

Alhaji am disappointed in you.You called yourself alhaji, yet you visit herbalist and Pastors like visiting Epe. Is every death spiritual? You told bisi your dad’s death was spiritual even though it was confirmed he had high BP that led to stroke. The reason her family didn’t let you and your mother take her to the herbalist is because they don’t trust you and they believe you are the reason for her sickness.

Bisi started her sickness before u travelled to Canada, you claim u love her but abandoned her when she needed you. Only for u to come back and say she need spiritual care. Alhaji tunde YOU are d one who need spiritual care. The only truth u have said here is that you have are Honda Pilot, you lived in her house and that she was living in Ajao estate when u met her. MC musiliu rented d ajao estate apt for her but sent her packing when he caught you there with her.

How come she forgot to tell us dat you rented the Ikorodu apt for her? Alhaji e beru olohun o. And what do you mean bisi’s parents, all she had were her extended families. Her mom is dead and u don’t expect her dad to run after u with a cutlass. Why are u even going back and fort to Canada? Bisi said you stay with friends and u don’t even have business there, y are deceiving yourself and ppl?

I hope Bisi’s spirit never let you rest. Everyone warned her that this man abandoning his kids and wife for you, will definitely hurt u one day, but she was too in love with the wrong person.

Am begging bisi’s family to speak out about her last few months and expose this scumbag. I can only say much as a friend, please do the right thing

Alhaji av you forgotten that Bisi demanded you take her to her ppl in Ibadan when she saw that the sickness was going out of hand and your Fetish way couldn’t help her. You claim u are from a good home, you are only living on your father’s past glory. You av nothing, what is ur business address here in Nigeria? You buy one car at a time and u call that car business abi? You are doomed. You don’t even have a car of your own. The few times I av met you, you were driving Bisi’s car. So what are we talking about.

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  1. I have a lot of respect for Bisi Komolafe for all the roles she had played in her movies. She was gentle, humble, respectful, family oriented and responsible. However, I am shocked and totally disappointed with all the young well educated actresses who jumping to married men for relationship, why ?,for God’s sake. You ladies are beautiful and precious, why are you selling yourself soooooooooo CHEAP. You are PRECIOUS & HONOURED before the Lord. You were predestinated to be an EAGLE, why living like a chicken.

    Brampton, ON, Canada

  2. It’s quite unfortunate for so many prostitutes under the quise of acting, if not for this revelations, who would ve known that Mc had cruches with late Bisi. I feel for her and the families in all way. Not all glitters are gold girls, and look for a soul mate instead of looking for unwarranted glamours that can leads to a misfortune for life.

  3. It is a Pity Bisi is Victim of Circumstance,May her Gentle soul Rest in Perfect Peace(Amen)Yet Ladies shld not luv 4 Moni,Bisi shld av luk more responsible guy instead of a been a Victim of alh.lesson for ladies

  4. Stop judging anyone for u not to be judged, if anyone has a hand in her death, let God judge ad avenge, bcs he is a just ad faithful God. If not let her rest in peace please. God bless u all

  5. now all these nonsense must stop. Family, friends and ex-boyfriend must keep all their differences aside and sort it out behind closed door. There is nothing to benefit from hunting one another. The lady is gone. Allah gives and takes life. Stop superstitions and superstitious beliefs. Pray for the dead to rest in peace. Blame game back n forth do not help her. Please STOP these hullabaloo

  6. I will advice all the remaing actress and even young ladies to stay away from married men,no women will look at another woman to marry there husband even if the man is super useless,they can go any length to deal with who ever want to snatch there husband.

  7. Let’s forget what is gone, God will surely judge. If her death is from human being let that person rust in the earth. .rest in perfect peace bisi. Afe o sugbon oluwa fe o juwa lo

  8. If dere’s more secret to bisi’s dealth let d world hear abt it so dt d sinner will never go UNPUNISH.

  9. God knws everything, let Him give a better judgement 2 this issue. Her death is just a great disaster †̥☺ the nollywood n the entires frwnds n fsamily. RIP Bisi!

  10. my small piece of advise to alhaji is that he must knw dat anyone who detain his fellow in d police station should never blink his eye talkles of sleeping.
    Also destination can never be change ba ti waye pe ao ri na ni ao ri.
    Alhaji. If the king’s on earth doesnt see you the almighty,alpha ao omega is watching u.
    BEWARE!!! BE AT ALERT!!! BECAREFUL!!! To before harm is to before in peace BISI AKOMOLAFE

  11. ah rest in peace Akomolafe may ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace,if all those story are true sory to say shame on you riding ur g/f car u claim to come frm a good family.ah omo adanihun ma nika ninu.what a pity.You are not welcom to nigeria,you better go back to canada.

  12. I wonder what dis ladies are turning themselves to; ?good name is better than riches; komolafe has lost all;:::::::

  13. the judgement day is coming, if u knw wat is gud n u refuse to do it. Everyone already knw d answer.

  14. Pls pple let stp all ds supestition, ds tym is nt history tym; let pray 2 almighty Allah to give on her single sin & grant her Aljanat firidaos.

  15. I have great respect for the soul of the dead. I also loved Bisi’s personality when she was alive. But alas, this revelation by her so-called friend has left a sour grape in my mouth. Why are our well educated ladies selling themselves cheap to all these motopark touts! Imagine Bisi from a decent background sleeping with notorious MColuomo. Is there any actress that MC OLUOMO has not slept with? Where is MColuomo getting all the loose cash he is using to rent flats for girlfriends and concubines all over Lagos. What is this world turning to!

  16. May ur soul rest in peace nd as d mad man kaled himslf halaji GOD know d best judgement 2 pass on hym… BISI KOMOLAFE ORUN RE OON

  17. May ur soul rest in peace nd as d mad man kaled himslf halaji GOD know d best judgement 2 pass on hym… BISI KOMOLAFE ORUN RE OOO…. ENIYAN WOJU OLORUN WO OKAN

  18. Leave everything to God for He knows d best. Only give ur live to Jesus b4 it is too late for u. Once u are gone dt is d end Amen ur ways 2day & God will help u.

  19. It is. a pity 4 dis type of story but I can only say dat God knows d better story of d course of Bisi’s death and certainly since it is under d sun it must rev ailed, may her soul rest in peace.

  20. Any time I see bisi pics my heat cut every body is entitle to death and I pray we don’t die yong pls people is time to move closer to God if u die now were are u going to spend ur eternity bisi as come and gone let the rest of us made amendment

  21. Bisi and her friend are birds of the same feathers, she is just beating about the bush trying to shift blame, so we can’t focus on reality. Am sure her so called fiance will not deliberately leave her to die. Why not lay blame on MC, Bisi’s boss, all their wives etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

  22. Let d soul of d dead rest in peace n ma advice goes to d family of d deceased dnt allow people lik dis so called bad friend of bisi drag her name in mud by prolonging dis issue unnecessarily.m sure she is a jealous friend dat neva wishd her well.m sure she has always been reading too much meanin into d couples biz or how can a girl open her mouth n tell u her husband is a squatter abroad na pride naw.let we blacks stop been foolish all d name of civilization,juju has always existed even in d western world so its no superstition its life .I only blame d husband 4 not trustin God to solve their problems.I pray God grants her heaven cus hmmmm tins ar nt lookin well at all.

  23. they should let Bisi rest nw.this is family issue.u dont need all dis 4 now,u people should let her rest.wat a pity she dont eat wat she labour for.RIP oninu ire,oniwa tutu bi adaba,iku ko wa ni ojuti mo bayi o

  24. …interesting story! Not in my wildest imagination, would i, av thought that pretty Bisi K. Could av anything to do with a Garage boy:MC Oluomo,i must be dreaming…Someone should please wake me up…!
    R I P Bisi…Allah swt, is da best of all judges.

  25. I wish u eternal rest in the bossom of our Lord almighty BISI,as for this lady(i mean bisi,s friend)let the sleeping dog lie GOD GIVETH AND TAKETH (Alapadupe ni olohun ohun ti o sokun fun eda oju olohun to),a dead woman or man has no diary,look up to a healthy and meaningful life. QED.

  26. It’s a pity to have had her Bisi dead though i do nt knw her but frm the acompanying stories abt i should say as a xtian dt it’s too late to pray 4 d dead. Amend ur ways while u’r still alive however i wsh her well.

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