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how to live everyday to the fullest

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Guide To Living Everyday To The Fullest: 23 Simple Ways To Live Your Best Life Ever!

how to live everyday to the fullest

Guide To Living Everyday To The Fullest: 23 Ways To Live Your Best Life Ever!

If you look back at your life today, can you boldly say you have enjoyed your life to the fullest? What do you wish you shouldn’t have done? What would you have done differently? If you have the opportunity to live your life all over again, what would you have repeated? Are you currently enjoying the best of your life to the fullest?

To enjoy life to the fullest means setting your goals and achieving them. It means enjoying what you are doing and living the life of your dreams.

Living life to the fullest does not necessarily mean acquiring things, but being satisfied with what you have.

Those who get the best from life are those who love what they do and do what they love.

Perhaps, you feel living life to the fullest is a mirage because you wonder how? Anyone can enjoy the best of life. Without wasting your precious time, let dig into simple principles on how to live life to the fullest.

Break loose from the past:

This life is too short to allow the past to hold you to ransom. There are too many goodies today that you shouldn’t allow yesterday’s misfortune to deny you of. Those that made the best of life are people who forgot the past failure, make the best use of today and excitedly plan for tomorrow. They didn’t hold on to yesterday that they become irrelevant today. Yes, yesterday was an experience, but today is to explore, while tomorrow remains a mystery. So, get pass yesterday and focus your energy on getting the best of today. This is the secret of those enjoying the best of life.

Be yourself

Never live in the shadow of other people’s life. You are unique, so live your life that way. Don’t try to please everyone if you want to enjoy life to the fullest because you can’t. Being yourself means you’ll sometimes displease others. That is okay but treat them fairly all the same. No matter how hard you try to become like another person you’ll only end up becoming a duplicate of the other person

Have a vision

Your vision is the mental picture of where you are going. It is a picture of a preferred future. If you have no specific place you are going to, anywhere will seem to be a good destination. Make your vision resonate with your makeup. Have your dream. If you have no personal dream, you will be fulfilling other people’s dreams.

Set goals for your vision:

Vision without goal setting is like embarking on a journey without a compass. It is your goal that makes your success journey simple. However, you set a realistic goal that is SMART. While goal setting is good, it must be flexible to accommodate the necessary trend along the line. Enjoying the best of life means you are not a slave to your vision or goal, instead you are the driver. One key to achieving a goal is to write them down. Your brain is porous, so writing down your goal helps you track your progress and evaluate your performance. Dividing your goal into a segment also makes it less scary.

Celebrate your success:

You are not going to be here forever, so enjoy the best of life by celebrating each level of success. Because you have segmented your goal, it is easier to see how far you have moved. Celebrating each success is an impetus that spike you to do better. It also gives you confidence that your goal is achievable.

Be disciplined:

No one achieves anything worthwhile in life without discipline. Discipline means you take the necessary steps though you don’t like it or not convenient for you. One attribute of those enjoying life to the fullest is discipline. They set the rules and keep the rules. They are consistent. Successful people defer some pleasure to a later day to enjoy a better package. Enjoying the best of life imply you manage your time effectively. Discipline people use their time for things that add value to them. To be disciplined connote you are discreet in your eating, sleeping, talking, dressing and association. A disciplined person doesn’t mind the murmuring of people about them so long it doesn’t hamper their vision and goal. Discipline will make you maintain your stand when diversion calls. Discipline will make you differentiate between an opportunity and a diversion.

Handle opposition and failure correctly:

Maturity is the ability to maintain condemnation and commendation correctly. Those enjoying lives are mature people. When commended, they don’t feel they have arrived. If condemned they don’t feel discouraged and disoriented. Instead of allowing stones of aspersion thrown at them as a barrier, they use them to build stepping stones to a greater height. If you want to enjoy the best of life, accept failure as part of life’s package. See failure as a temporary setback. Handle failure as a learning experience. The best of men were once the worse of failure. History has it, most of the highly successful people are first from behind in their school days. The bookmakers of their time wrote them off.

Be optimistic:

Enjoying the best of life does not immune you from challenges. The difference between a pessimistic and an optimistic person is how they perceive the future in the face of daunting challenges. Problem is a universal currency everyone spends, so spent yours wisely by using it to advance your course. Confess positively daily into your life and situation. Positive confession has a positive effect on your goal and life. If you believe you can, you can.

Cultivate the habit of smiling:

Laughter elongate life. People smile not because they have no challenges. Most people that smile do so because they can see a big picture of a better tomorrow. Life is so short to go about with a long face. Apart from the health implication, laughter and smiles make your face radiate and strengthen your facial muscle.

Never hold resentment:

In the journey of life, there is no permanent friend or enemy. In reality, you need the bad, good and the ugly to enjoy life to the fullest. Resentment can act as a barrier between you and a would-be helper. Lack of forgiveness is bad for your spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. Learn to forgive people and yourself. More often than not those we think offends us do not know, hence they go about enjoying themselves while we are dying with bitterness and anger. Sometimes both God and men have forgiven you yet, you fail to forgive yourself. This will deprive you of the joy of a fulfilled life.

Be selective in your friendship:

You can’t keep a friendship with everybody and hope to enjoy life. The fewer intimate friend you have, the better for you. Yes, you don’t keep enmity with people but you can’t accommodate everyone either. The truth is, you must let go of some people in your life. Friendship is about value. You add value to your friend while they reciprocate. Since life is about giving and take. A lopsided friendship will not add value to you. So choose your friend discreetly.

Don’t be a lone ranger:

No one succeeds alone. Your success in life hinges on your connection with people. Networking with others is a sure way to making it in life. You need both the vertical and horizontal connections to succeed. The vertical relationships are people below or above you, while vertical relationships are people of your equal. The more network you have, the better for you. Both the people at your level, those below and those above you are the connection you needed to get to your desired dream. However, do not discountenance anybody that has anything to offer no matter how little they can. This is the secret to enjoying the best of life.

Sow into other people’s life:

Success is not how much you accumulate, but how much influence you have on your community. As a rule of thumb, give more than you receive and seek any opportunity to enrich others. Life is best enjoyed in the company of others. There is an African adage that says “one rich man among many poor people is also a poor man”. In essence, to enjoy your life, you must make life comfortable for those around you in your little way. You may not be able to help everybody but you can lift a person.

Seek for success, but don’t be desperate:

Desperation is the by-product of anxiety. I define anxiety as paying tomorrow’s loan from today. Go for your goal, but within the confined of the law, moral principle, and cultural value. You’ll deprive yourself of the beauty of life if you want to get at your goal at all costs. Apart from its negative social effect, desperation and anxiety will take its toll on your health.

Take care of your health:

What is the use of life without a sound health. The time you are enjoying life to the fullest must reflect on your health. You need sound health to enjoy your wealth and success. The following areas are ways of staying healthy: don’t hold grudges against anyone, never allow fear and anxiety, eat rightly, exercise currently, maintain a good relationship and have a good sleep.

Take care of your family:

Everyone faces a degree of the storm of life once a while. The only guaranteed relationship that will remain with you when the billow of life blows against you is your family. If you take care of your family when the good is going, they will take care of you when the chips are down. Therefore, take care of them and enjoy the booty of your success together. This is what enjoying life to the fullest mean.

Go for vacation:

Vacation is a period to take a rest from the hustling and bustling of life. Rest is a period to reinvent the wheel of your activities. It refreshes you mentally, emotionally and health-wise. One way to take the rest of your schedule is to accept you can’t do everything every time. If you want to get the best out of life, run your operation on autopilot. This you can do by delegating and giving your subordinate autonomy. Indeed, they may not be perfect for the assignment, yet they can improve over time when you allow them to serve. One of the killers of the most entrepreneurs is the spirit of perfection. If you wait for a perfect time or perfect people before you delegate, you will live only a fraction of your life.

Keep improving:

Life waits for no man. If you are not current, you’ll not be correct. To stay relevant in your choosing carrier, keep developing yourself. It is said, “those who keep learning are young whether they are twenty or eighty”. Get a new idea, learn a new skill. Be up to date. There is no end to learning.

Treat others well:

Treat people you meet on your way up well because you can meet them down the stairs someday. Do to others what you’ll want them to do to you. Life becomes better if people around you enjoy your fellowship.

Save for tomorrow:

Enjoy the best of today, but plan for tomorrow. Those enjoying life to the fullest, today were only reaping their yesterday’s investment and saving. However, don’t plan for tomorrow that you become irrelevant today. Tomorrow is still a mystery, so lie the best of tomorrow. If you can’t save from a hundred dollars, you wouldn’t save when you have ten thousand dollars.

Take a calculated risk.

That you came to life is a risk. Your decision to make it in life is another risk. Now to say you want to enjoy life to the fullest is a greater risk. Indeed, life is about risk taking. That said, you must, however, take a calculated risk. This is the reason you have a brain. Because you are not a robot, you should look before you leap. Getting the best from life requires you are daring. If however, you wait for all conditions to be perfect before you venture out, you will not achieve much. Just do your calculation and venture into the unknown trusting the deal will fall through.

High achievers are high risk takers. Maintaining the status quo or remaining in your comfort zone will keep you among the pack. But if you want to be distinguished, take a calculated risk. Do you know getting out of bed is a risk on its own? So the greatest risk in life is not to take risk.

Failure teaches better.

There are two ways you can learn: learning from the mistakes of other and learning from your mistakes. If you wish to succeed and do anything worthwhile learn from both. However, life is so short to learn all the lessons through your own mistakes. Wise people get connected to the great achievers through their stories in books, videos, pod cast, seminar, and a rare personal encounter. This form of learning is cheaper, convenient, and time saving. As much as possible and in every situation learn.

Create your value:

Without a personal value system your life will be drifting from one place to another. The only way to be distinguished is to have a set of rules which is your guiding principle in life. Without it, you’ll be doing things spontaneously. Your life will be driven by people’s opinion.

A purpose driven life is the lived to the fullest. Following the above recommendation puts your life in your hands. In order words, you are the master of your game.

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1 Comment

  1. Lilian

    August 16, 2019 at 6:40 AM

    Thanks for this early dose of positivity, I do appreciate it.
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