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Live The Life… Live The Game

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Live The Life… Live The Game

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April 2nd, 2012 – Live The Life… Live The Game

It’s a game…for some people, life is a game. It doesn’t matter what kind of game it is, what matters is who you are in the game. There are the spectators who play the role of cheering and motivating. The coach; who gives up his life to train and build the team and there are the players.

Many walk through this life without the chance to be players. You see the players play the games, they live the life, they get the fans but not everyone can be a player…..

live life to the fullest

It’s a game…the game of life. There are different mind sets in this game. The minds that plan, that…strategize, tackle and de-fend just to make that goal. Then, there those minds that cheat, steal and trip someone over just so they can make it ahead. Funny. The sand of this earth is the field of this game and the spectator sees all. You can’t buy your way through life without thinking your evil plans won’t come back to hit you. That’s when your fans change sides…

It’s a game….you’re winning. That’s when the field gets sweeter on one side and bitter on the other side. Your win is someone’s loss but you can’t help it. The sweat from all that training has found root in the soil and now you’re reaping the harvest. Your die-hard fans are elated at your win because they’ve been there through the different facets of your journey. You dance across the field just as the ball makes it through the net and that moment….that one moment is all you work hard for and you dance because it has been worth it.

What part does the ball play in this game of life? It’s constantly being kicked from one foot to another, being passed from one chest to another and being held by different hands with different intentions. It’s just a ball, being chased by eleven other people who play as a team but with individual desires to reach that goal.

That’s life… a game. We all want to live that one dream so we train for it with all our years. We chase after it will all our hearts and we play the game with all our might. At the end of the day one side takes the trophy and the other side goes home sad. That’s rather sad but its life…… Our God the spectator, Jesus our coach and we… merely players

Live the life….Live the game! (By Steve Morris)

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