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Liz Anjorin: I Fear Poverty More Than Death Because My Mother Died A Poor Woman

liz anjorin mother died in poverty

December 14, 2017 – Liz Anjorin: I Fear Poverty More Than Death Because My Mother Died In Poverty

Liz Anjorin: My Grass To Grace Story Part 2

If you haven’t read the part 1- part 7 of Nollywood actress Liz Anjorin’s emotional grass to grace story, please read it here to understand this story.

My Grass To Grace Story Part 2 – By Liz Anjorin [UNEDITED]

Why can’t u use it to prove people wrong that what a man can do, woman can do better, that I should prove to them that a child with no family can become a successful person… Mum, I remember when u used to contemplate on; if you had gone to school, If you are a bold type, that maybe we would both have a better life… Yes mum! that was why i tried my best to go to school despite d fact that i read while I was hawking and that has made me to be dis original.. I don’t fake who i am bcos u told me, being friendly, hard working, loyal, bold, sound and good heart can propel me to anywhere in the world and of cos all you said is true.. Maami, i remember when i fell down while I was hawking and my cheekbone was completely broken and swelled up that i can’t see well.. We were advised to withdraw from Able school, so i was sent to Disabled school cos my face scares other student… U ran to a nurse, rolled on the floor and u said; nurse, please remove all my bone and give it to my daughter and she replied; this case is money we don’t need your bone. We were so poor dat we can’t even afford drugs, we only depend on hot water, ora ekun, and agbo.

U took me to village to go do cutting of ofada rice, i can’t forget how we were both scratching our body when rain beat us in rice farm.. It get to a point that I suggested begging but u told me that beggars and thieves are d same that they both have d same problem which is “no shame” .. U said, if we beg and i become a successful person that the stigma will be there for life.. U said,Okomi, let people know us as a hustler not a beggar or a thief… I remember how u would cut ur inner rapper and used it to patched ur buba at the back, I remember everything!! My colleagues didn’t know i moved out of Ijebu-igbo to Ijebu-ode so that u can live with me.. When i met ur brother, i asked him abt u and he said u are still hawking; from that day, i vowed that I will never allow you to leave my side again.. Living together with u was a sweet memory..‎

When I finished school, I left u to get a business or work in Lagos of which ur blessing followed me everywhere I went to.. When i got a house in Ikorodu, i came to pick u, we moved around like snail until death snatched u from me.. Death didn’t allow u to ride our dream car with me, u didn’t even sleep in my own house: how i wish u are alive today to see this small showroom with assorted outfit God did for us, I would’ve make u a nice gown with awesome design.. You always thought you ain’t brave but to me, u are the bravest woman that ever liveth bcos if not for u, i won’t be here today maami… rest on mum ( best striker).. On the other hand, I was expecting Iya Ijebu to come for Christmas last year but unfortunately she died b4 Christmas(so painful)

I will like to stop here for now, we will continue in the nearest future Insha Allah… Thanks for reading, thanks for showing me love and thanks for always being there… To Almighty God, I confirmed u truly liveth.. I’m giving a testimony now, Ya’ Allah please give me more grace to testify more in the future…

To everyone that has contributed to my life in one way or the other, I say a very big thanks to you: for every king and dignitary dat has allow me to sit next to dem, u have make my dreams come true: to those that has hurt me- i forgive u : to those that never met me before but hate me for no reason or for not mingling with people- pls pardon me,i mean no harm, i am just scared of poverty that’s why i walk alone: for those that turned me down when i needed them, i thank u for making me strive harder: for those that poured sand in my garri behind me, i thank u too… I believe in God, i respect destiny and fear poverty than death… May Almighty Allah never let us suffer‎(Amen‎)….

Now to every man out there, please think twice b4 u turn ur back to ur wife or the kids bcos when couple separate, the children suffer most… Everything i posted about myself is just 25%.. I was tortured and abused physically, emotionally but that will not make me to live a rough life or forget where i was coming from, instead i will double my hustle…

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Please always remember me and my girl in your prayer…#Peace‎

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1 Comment

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