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Liz Anjorin Praises Kind Nigerian Woman She Met In Toronto

liz anjorin toronto

Check out a cool gist popular Nollwyood actress Liz Anjorin shared about her encounter in Toronto.

“Of course, you all know me for appreciating people and making friends with people that are ready to mingle with me regardless of age or status. This woman is my customer from Toronto and immediately I landed in Winnipeg, she was the first person to call me…all the (?) wey dey live for Canada I no smell one single phone call from them ?? talkless of trying their phone numbers. You all kuku know me say I know dey pass my boundary ?? after Winnipeg show I realised that there was no much awareness for the event in Toronto within the Yorubas. ? I called her a night to the Toronto’s event. Behold, this woman surprised me with all her friends…they all dressed to kill with matching outfits.

You will think they were coming for my wedding ni. She kept calling me.. I missed my 1st flight due to my laugages….I got to venue around 10pm with my cold cloths need to see how she jumped on me with her friends. Let’s assume we had 100 guests, she brought 80 guests. She had already bought me pepper soup and jollof rice, took me to the hotel the following day. She and her husband took me out for shopping the next day.

They also promised to take me to the airport. I told her I’m in the airport already that I took Uber. She was mad at me. she told me to refund it that I should send my account details to refund my money. ?? Irony of life. You don’t need colleagues, family or whatsoever to survive. Build your own family and be nice to people that see you.

Some of us are busy running after some fake assholes that are mere users…instead of us to look carefully and return love back to those that loved us..long throat of forcing yourself to people that will later mock you, use you and dump you will only make you go back to square one. I celebrate you, Ore like a Mother. Who will join me to greet this angel in a woman’s form? E jo, e bami ki won.”

The actress was in Canada over the weekend for Asa, a multicultural event organized by the Yorubas.

See photos of Liz Anjorin, Mr Latin and other Nollywood stars spotted at the event here.



  1. Joyful Amaka

    November 16, 2018 at 2:10 AM

    She looks kind too

  2. Keep it real

    November 16, 2018 at 5:45 AM

    pretty cool stuff?. all you need to do is return such gesture to any common person in Nigeria where you live.. because in Nigeria celebs usually don’t have anything to do with the common Nigerians.. rich married to celeb, celebs married to rich. celebs hangs out with the rich/celebs that’s all. na so the matter be?

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