Lowo Oyediran’s Murder Trial Delayed As Ibadan Killer Wife Yewande Fails To Appear In Court

lowo oyediran murder trial delayed

Monday June 27, 2016 – Lowo Oyediran’s Murder Trial Delayed As Ibadan Husband Killer Yewande Fatoki Didn’t Show Up In Court Today

In a calculated ploy to frustrate Lowo Oyelowo’s murder trial, Ibadan-based killer lawyer, Yewande Fatoki has failed to appear in court.

According to sources in Ibadan, Yewande didn’t show up in court today as scheduled as authorities claimed she was ill and unable to walk.

She didn’t provide any medical report to back her claim.

Yewande and her long list of legal practitioner friends have been working tirelessly to stop her trial from proceeding.

A source in Ibadan said Yewande’s absence in court today was premeditated. The source added that pressures are simultaneously being put on the judiciary in the State to acquit her after a long frustrating trial.

The court, which is being presided over by the State’s Chief Judge, Justice Muntar Abimbola, had previously stated that judgment would be given by August at the latest.

Lowo Oyediran’s murder trial has been adjourned to October 24 2016 following the absence of the defendant in court today.

5 thoughts on “Lowo Oyediran’s Murder Trial Delayed As Ibadan Killer Wife Yewande Fails To Appear In Court

  1. …..and they will keep adjourning the case till eternity. The other time, her lawyer forgot to come along wiv important documents. Today yewande was absent. Hmmmm I am beginning to suspect fowl play.

  2. This is not the first time of failing to appear in court bcos of an illness, is she the only inmate that is on trial, why can’t they drag her to court,its not as if she is bedridden.
    They are just trying to stall d case until its thrown out of court.
    We are watchg and waitg to see the outcome.

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