Madonna University Graduate Commits Suicide In Surulere Lagos (Stabbed Himself To Death)


madonna university graduate suicide lagos

April 22, 2013 – Jobless Madonna University Graduate Killed Himself In Surulere Lagos (Stabbed Himself To Death Over Unemployment)

Mr Chidike Oyeka, a successful graduate of Madonna University killed himself in his family house on Saturday the 19th of April, 2013.

According to an anonymous witness, the 25-year-old graduate who has complained of hopelessness following his joblessness battle allegedly stabbed himself to death in Aguda area of Surulere Lagos.

The deceased took a kitchen knife and stabbed himself repeatedly until his intestines were disembowelled. Chidike recently concluded his National Youth Service Corps programme.

According to his relative; “He did his NYSC in Delta State and only returned in February. Upon returning, he started to act strangely and we noticed that he was no longer sociable. Most times he would sit at a corner by himself and when we asked him what was wrong, he would say he was not happy.

“When the symptom became persistent, his parents took him to a hospital but nothing was discovered to be wrong with him, so we took him back home and continued to monitor him.”
Narrating what transpired on the day the victim died, the relative said it happened after everyone had gone to sleep.

She said, “I do not know the time it happened exactly but everyone had gone to bed while he stayed in the parlour. Around midnight, he was found lying in a pool of blood and the knife soaked in blood.

“His intestines were on the floor as well. From what we deduced, he stabbed himself three times without screaming because no one heard any noise. At daybreak, we went to Aguda Police Station to report the matter.”

A neighbour, who craved anonymity, said the deceased had once complained that one of the reasons why he was unhappy was that he was unemployed.
Mrs. Oyeka however said the circumstance surrounding her son’s death was metaphysical. She said she had left the matter to God but was pained that all her struggles to bring up her son were in vain.

“He was my first born and we did all to make him happy but sadly he took his own life. We counseled him on numerous occasions but this did not prevent him from committing suicide.
“I do not think someone can stab himself to death except he is under spell. I leave everything to God because He knows best.”
Meanwhile, it was learnt that the deceased would be buried on Thursday.

[Story Credit: Punch]