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Majid Michel’s Top 20 Life Changing Wisdom And Inspirational Quotes

majid michel wisdom inspirational quotes

Majid Michel’s Top 10 Wisdom Sayings, Inspirational Quotes & Short Articles

Here is a compilation of life-changing words of wisdom, inspirational quotes and sayings by actor cum Pastor Majid Michel.

(1) FaceBook friends : 10 million
Real Friends : 5
Hard Times Friends : 0
So in hard times, you sit alone, think alone, because loneliness is always looking for a partner.
Get real people who will be there for you, to pray with you and help you in time of need.

Get Friends you can call and talk to and have conversations with.

You get so excited about your followers, what are you teaching your followers anyway? How are they benefiting from you? Do something to improve the condition of your followers, mentally and spiritually. How are you using this vehicle in your hands to open up some doors for your followers?.

Share Your Gift! Change The World Around You Positively.

(2) You’re not fighting what you think you’re fighting. You’re fighting the spirit at the next level trying to keep you from that level. And Jesus is considered fake to a lot of people until death becomes real.

(3) Ever thought of dying and saying “Goodbye World” before?
Goodbye mummy ……. goodbye daddy…… goodbye sister ………… goodbye brother …………… goodbye to clocks ticking ………… and your room…….your bed…………, to Coffee……, and food……….. and gari……….. and pop corn………. and walking on the streets………… and Mama put………… and hot dogs……. and eating plantain…………. and traffic ……… and the noise of the cars honking………… and sleeping……………and waking up, OH EARTH! You are too wonderful for anybody to realize you.

(4) There is a name for pastors who never speak of sin, repentance or hell. They’re called “false teachers”.

(5) Ignorance is the major enemy of man. God said my people perish or they are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge and because they have rejected knowledge i must also reject them and they cannot represent me. Knowledge is the key to freedom. i used to think that knowledge was power. That’s not necessarily true because you can learn the wrong thing. Jesus said the only thing that can set you free is not knowledge BUT knowledge of the TRUTH. it’s dangerous to learn the wrong thing perfectly well. Some people are experts in error. So knowledge doesn’t mean you are smart, cos what you may have learnt may not be TRUE. And the most dangerous thing for a person to have is knowledge that is full of error that they believe is true. The most dangerous human beings are those with zealous error. People with zeal who are wrong. it’s the cause of great tragedy in our history. Most of the problems in our past are a result of Leaders who had information that was wrong but they thought it was right and they were zealous about it. Never forget that it’s not just knowledge BUT knowledge of the TRUTH is what sets you free.

(6) Jesus never wrote a book but no one has written more books about any one than they have about Jesus. Jesus never sung a song as we know but majority of all the songs seem to be songs sung about him. it seems like he has erected the monument of his honor in the hearts and minds of men and women so much so that everybody seems to be walking around with him constantly in their minds and even on the tips of their lips that when something terrible happens or when there is danger or a sudden encounter, those who claim they don’t even believe in him shout his name “JESUS CHRiST”!! Without even knowing.! Even the atheists think about him. Why? Because his life was a life that was totally fulfilled.

(7) Don’t be lost! Go back to the basics. Get your foundation right. Be careful for what you are in search of. What do you want? … “You were running [the race] well; who has interfered and prevented you from obeying the truth? This [deceptive] persuasion is not from Him who called you [to freedom in Christ]. A little leaven [a slight inclination to error, or a few false teachers] leavens the whole batch [it perverts the concept of faith and misleads the church]. i have confidence in you in the Lord that you will adopt no other view [contrary to mine on the matter]; but the one who is disturbing you, whoever he is, will have to bear the penalty.”

(8) When you get to the realm of the divine, you lose appetite for the material. Wisdom from of old is superior to silver and gold.

(9) Consider a wise man, well versed in philosophy and spirit. He opens a closet door and sees a snake on the floor. He jumps back in panic, fear and stress. Now, he may try to rationalize and consider how the snake got into the closet, try to figure out some divine message, some intervention by spirit or something. However, when the lights come on, he sees it wasn’t a snake at all, it was just a rope. So, all that stress and consideration was just an illusion, instigated by his wrong view of the rope. So it isn’t in rationalizing “what is” that sets us free from stress, its letting go of wrong views. Seeing the rope sets us free much more directly than reasoning out why a snake is in the closet. Examine the entire “picture”, based on what is, rather than what we believe it is. Upon closer examination the “snake” was not a snake at all, but if we allow fear to stop us in our tracks, we get paralyzed and unable to turn on the LiGHT to “see” the TRUTH. i used to always question people who see things in a certain conservative way. in my mind, i would always say to myself “how could people be so close-minded and fail to see it for what it is. ”However, recently, i’ve realized that when i am doubting and questioning someone’s point of view, i am also in a way, doing what i accuse people of doing. When i ask the question, someone else could also ask the same thing, “how can you be so ‘open-minded’ to the point that you have failed to see it for what it is.” Empty your cup first. Let’s take the cup to be your mind. first in order to allow the truth to flow into the cup, your views and opinions may be blocking you from finding the TRUTH. when you drop these then clarity ensues and insight happens naturally. The question now is, what is the TRUTH?
Before dying, Confucius said: “i am not the WAY.
Buddha said to his followers to seek for the truth and follow the TRUTH.
Mohammed said he did not know what will be done to his LiFE or Your LiFE.
But Jesus said: “i am the WAY, i am the TRUTH and i am the LiFE. No one comes to the Father except through ME.

(10) Ladies hear this, if a man is not following God he’s not fit to Lead. if he doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus, he won’t know how to have a relationship with you. if he doesn’t know Jesus, he doesn’t know real Love.

(11) It wouldn’t be so attractive if the wages were paid immediately. if you see yourself as a little sinner, you will inevitably see Jesus as a little Savior. Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom i am chief!! Listen … repentance is not when you cry. Repentance is when you change. Be careful what you read. Many books can inform you. But only the Bible can transform you. Someone needs your help. Help someone. Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it would change the world for one person. Keep your head up, focus on Christ. Don’t look back!! you’re not going that way.

(12) If being hurt by the church causes you to lose faith in God, then your faith was never in God. Your faith was in people. i said if the church offends you in anyway, and this offense causes you to lose faith in God, then your Faith was in people not GOD. The devil will bring people into your life disguised as believers of Christ. Pray for discernment.

(13) I hear people blaming God for all their problems and other problems happening around the world. PEOPLE PLEASE!!! Most of all your problems come from doing the opposite of what God says do!

(14) Fear is not real. Fear is simply the product of thoughts that you create. Danger on the other hand is very real. Danger is real but fear is a choice.

(15) Most of us think we have to be perfect before we can be used by the Holy Spirit. Or we have to be knowledgeable in a lot of biblical material before we become qualified to start doing God’s work.
You know if you think like that, it’s like sitting in the classroom in your first grade and the teacher walks in, looks at everybody quietly and says “All of you need to graduate first before we can start teaching you”. ….. No! that’s impossible. You don’t need to be perfect to start. i do God’s Work. You think i’m perfect? You think i know all the verses in the Bible? You think i don’t sin? i’m no different from you. But i made a choice in Faith, and grace is sufficient ! The word of God says the Holy Spirit will teach you all things. God knows you don’t know stuff, that’s why He’s asking you to seek. God knows you are weak, that’s why He’s saying He’s your strength. it’s a learning process that’s why He’s saying He will teach you so you can learn, correct the mistakes and grow.

But you have to start just the way you are. He likes you just the way you are. Just be yourself and let HiM be HiMSELF in YOU. HOW DO YOU START??? Just start with your close friends, people in the office, Father/mother in law, siblings etc. just start sharing whatever interests you about the word of God with those close to you first and see how they respond. That’s how you start. start working for HiM Now and He will start Teaching you all things and He will direct your steps to your original purpose for which He sent you on the planet for. You can have all the cars and houses in the world and have the whole world follow you but that only makes you a successful failure if you have not discovered your true purpose for which you were created.

(16) Stop the average individual on the street and ask them, Do you know God?…. well i go to church every Sunday … no i didn’t ask you that. Do you know God? Well i sing in the Choir …. no, no, no! you missed my point. Do you know God? Well i’m a deacon … you are not getting it … Do you know God? Well i can quote some bible verses…are u listening to my question?… do you know God? i’ve been baptized, i’ve been confirmed, i take confessions how can you ask me that?… You are still not answering my question. Do you know God??… You see, being religious doesn’t mean you know God.

Everybody is religious. Everybody belongs to something. everybody can get baptized, you can join any church quicker than you can Join the Masons … but i’m not talking about that. i’m talking about if you know God. we can produce any form of religion without personally knowing who God is. And most people are living their lives in one religion or the other detached from knowing who God is. So now the problem is because we don’t know God, the world is messed up. because we don’t know God, families are divided because we don’t know God we have wars we have hunger we have poverty. because we don’t know God we have hate and racism and bigotry. But if you know who it is we worship and understand why we worship HiM, your worship style will change. Jesus said it’s possible to worship me in vain. We have gotten so used to the motions in church it’s just routine now. One fast song one slow song, speak in tongues, take the offering, gossip a little, share the grace, lets go home. Whether God showed up or not, we don’t care. that’s none of our business.

Well God i went to church today i didn’t feel your presence, you didn’t show up but well, i did. i made it! and we get so proud of ourselves that we made it through the 2 hour service. great achievement!! Who are you worshiping? How are you worshiping Him? Listen. GOD is a SPiRiT and they that worship HiM must worship HiM in SPiRiT and TRUTH. You gossiping in the midst of worship,… How can that be worshiping in truth? And don’t forget what TRUTH is. TRUTH is a PERSON. and it’s in the person of no other than CHRiST JESUS!.

(17) The world is watching to see whether Christians really are different or not. The single greatest cause of Atheism today is Christians, who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and deny him by their lifestyle.

(18) Why do we hate ? Answer: We hate because we are taught to hate. We hate because we are ignorant. We are the product of ignorant people who have been taught an ignorant thing, which is that there are 4 or 5 different races. There are not 4 or 5 different races, there is only one race on the face of the earth and we are all members of that race …. ‘The Human Race’. But we have separated people into races so that some of us can see ourselves as superior to the others. We thought it would work, i guess it hasn’t worked. It has been bad for everyone. So it’s about time to get over this business. There is no gene for racism, there is no gene for intolerance, you are not born intolerant, you have to learn to be intolerant and anything you learn you can unlearn and it’s time to unlearn our intolerance. The ignorance of thinking that you are better or worse than someone else because of the amount of pigment in your skin. Pigmentation in your skin has nothing to do with intelligence, neither does it have to do with your worth as a human being. It’s time to get over that. So GET OVER IT NOW.

(19) The car is not mine … But the time is. You know what they call using your time? They call it spending your time. Time is a currency. What do you use currency for? To buy things. So whatever you spend your time on, that’s what you bought. What are you buying with your time? …and always remember money is not spent. Money circulates. Time is spent.

(20) The greatest enemy of your progress is your last success. Nothing can stop you from progressing more than being impressed with your Last success. Don’t be so impressed by your past accomplishment, that you have stopped releasing what’s left on the inside of you. Some people are so proud of what they have done they’ve stopped doing what they could do. This is why you should be cautious when people start giving you Awards and accolades and trophies and citations because they start giving you a false sense of success. Be scared of them cos that’s just a persons measurement of their impression of your success and what you have done. Never be trapped by your past success and forfeit your future delivery of your true POTENTIAL and PURPOSE. Therefore POTENTIAL is never what you have done but what you could do but haven’t done yet.

Note some lines in the above quotes were taken from other authors but 97% of these quotes were written by Majid Michel to inspire his fans.



  1. Kike Ijomoh

    August 14, 2018 at 6:15 AM

    I have this nagging feeling that Michel will backslide one day. I can’t help it.
    Young man be careful lest u fall. Quit acting for full time pastoral service

    • Bridget

      August 15, 2018 at 7:13 AM

      The more you have the feeling the more the grace of God lift and grips Him up, Jesus came to his disciples busy fishing and the time came where they had to quit fishing and become fisher’s of man full time.And when you are being called by God its not that easy to quit your job.

  2. Godfrey

    August 14, 2018 at 6:26 AM

    You have said well my main man. I’m blessed with every quote. Thank you

  3. Blessing Onuh

    August 14, 2018 at 6:31 AM

    Just look at this handsome man who is sold out to God. I wish I can have him all to myself

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