Major Causes Of Cancer In Nigeria Revealed: Prevention & Awareness Alert **A Must Read**


causes of cancer in nigeria

Nov 16, 2012 – Major Causes Of Cancer In Nigeria Revealed: Prevention & Awareness Alert **A Must Read**

If you are not a Nigerian reading this article, please bear with me as you read through this eye-opening cancer awareness story.

I’m writing as a Nigerian who has witnessed the death of over 20 intimate friends who lost their battle to cancer in this year 2012 alone.

These victims lost their battle to breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer. May their soul rest in perfect peace.

Different Causes Of Cancer In Nigeria Today

While the major causes of cancer in Nigeria can be explained medically, the no 1 cause of this killer disease still remains spiritual attack.

As a final year medical student of OAU, I have witnessed the death of 4 female pals who are known for dating big men in the past 6 months alone.

Cancer Is Caused By Spiritual Attack On The Body

Believe you me cancer is a spiritual attack on the body and the spirit which must be dealt with in both dimension.

A friend of mine named Ijeoma(last name withheld) got involved in a serious spiritual battle with a woman few months before she was diagnosed with breast cancer that eventually killed her.

Apparently, Ijeoma was dating a popular business man and the wife got to know. She immediately confronted Ijeoma physically and in her dream to leave her husband or else she’ll pay with her life.

Adamant Ijeoma ignored her warnings due to the financial advantage she was receiving from the man. She later died with no one to rescue her.

My Advice for women and ladies:

Please save yourself from danger, avoid dating other women’ husband.

Also you need to stop endangering your life because you never know the source of their wealth in the first place.

Some big men in Nigeria today are into the occult world and they’ll use any of their victim for ritual or sacrifice as they will.


Another close friend of mine, Chioma who died 4 days ago due to Ovarian cancer dated a quiet and wealthy man in Lagos for a while infact, the 54-year-old handsome man who is already married with kids promised Chioma heaven on earth. He even vowed to take her abroad to complete her studies.

Few weeks into their relationship, my friend who’s hale and hearty got diagnosed with Ovarian cancer.

At the late stage of the cancer, my friend found herself at the mercies of herbalists who revealed to her that the big man she dated had used her womb for money ritual sacrifice. She died few days after.

Another common causes of cancer in Nigeria is AIR POLLUTION

Air Pollution Causes Cancer In Nigeria

Unlike developed countries who have regulations on the control of toxic air pollutants like Carbon Monoxide (CO), a colourless and odourless gas that get trapped into the lung from exhaust fumes and industrial gases, Nigeria has none of that.

Million of Nigerians inhale these dangerous killer gases daily especially in industrial state like Lagos.

Apart from outside exposure to Carbon monoxide, you can also be exposed to it when cooking with firewood or charcoal at home. YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL. Constant exposure to these deadly gases could cause cancer.

If you are a smoker, your chances of having cancer is very high because you are inhaling dangerous gases into your lung.

3rd Causes Of Cancer in Nigeria: Lack Of Adequate Food Testing By NAFDAC

Before I go further let me relate a personal experience with NAFDAC with you.

On my last vacation trip, I was pulled over by one custom official who told me that the food product in my travel luggage needs to be properly inspected before being allowed into the country at Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos.

To cut the long story short, on getting to their office, the guy told me I should settle the guys so they can allow me to go without check.

Though I refused to pay, I was delayed unnecessarily for hours by those suspicious-looking NAFDAC officials.

I was a bit puzzled. What a lawless country we are living in.

Imagine if those food products were to be dangerous that’s how they’ll be allowed to enter the country freely.

Permit me to say this boldly, The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control and custom Officials in Nigeria must investigated thoroughly for bribery and corruption.

Most food products that are imported from countries like China have high lead content which could lead to lung cancer.

Once these corrupt officials receive bribe, all they do is allow these toxic food products to enter the country legally.

Improperly Refined / Processed Foods

Improperly refined, processed foods have become the silent killers of many Nigerians today.

Do you know lead are present in most canned food container?

Once these products passed their expiration date, they stand the risk of rusting which could lead to food contamination.

Once eaten, your system could get exposed to these toxic chemicals.

Also keep in mind if you open a can of milk or processed food, DO NOT LEAVE THE CAN IN THE FRIDGE.

Take a plastic bowl and put the remainder inside, cover it properly and store it in the fridge.

If there is no fridge available ensure you finish the food at once.

For example if you open a tomato paste can and you leave the rest inside the fridge, it’s very very dangerous. This could lead to a rust inside the can which could potentially cause cancer if you re-use the content.


A major group of company in Nigeria (name withheld) is popular for producing improperly refined salt and sugar. You have to be aware also.

According to a report, they recently shipped a package of Sugar to the US that was destroyed because the US food Administration agency discovered the product’re improperly refined.

Permit me to talk at length on this last one.  After the aforementioned spiritual attack cases, another silent cause of cancer in Nigeria is exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic Energy Radiation: A Silent Cause Of Cancer In Nigeria Today

If you didn’t take anything from my previous text, you need to listen attentively here.

Electromagnetic radiation are the energy emitted from major gadgets like Cell Phones, radio and television antenna, masts, etc.

Constant exposure to these radiation could cause cancer.

I pity women who put their cellphones in their bras or other sensitive area of their body.

Keep in mind that these gadgets works with electromagnetic waves emitted from masts supplying their network signals.

When these radiation mistakenly enters the body, it could cause cancer.

You need to be aware of this. Protect yourself and your family get a cellphone case and avoid keeping close contacts with your gadgets

In accordance to the saying PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE, do yourself and family a favour if you haven’t gone for cancer check up, you need to do so this week.

It is essential to go for regular medical checkup as early cancer detection will provide better option for treatment.

Cancer Prevention Tips For Nigerians

  • Avoid constant exposure to electromagnetic radiations from cellphones and other gadgets that carry electromagnetic waves.
  • Opt for natural foods avoid processed foods (eat healthy)
  • Avoid smoking at all cost to avoid lung cancer
  • Exercise daily
  • DO NOT EAT EXPIRED FOOD PRODUCTS: Ensure you check the expiration date before your eat it.
  • Avoid storing food products in cans for a long time.
  • Avoid using used cooking oil that has been set aside for a while.
  • Women! Check yourself for Fibroid and ensure you treat it on time with the help of a medical doctor. Untreated Fibroid tumour could develop to a form of Ovarian cancer.
  • Beware of foods that are high in Saturated Fats: When buying your food product, ensure you check the content of the saturated fats.
  • Cut back on your saturated fat consumption, not only are they high in cholesterol but can also raise the risk of cancer and diabetes.
  • Do regular medical checkups to ensure you’re cancer free

We hope the government of this country will raise more awareness on this killer disease so as to prevent more deaths.

Please pass this article to friends and loved ones.

(Article by Dupe Oni, NaijaGists health reporter)

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