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How To Get People To Like You: 17 Simple Tricks To Make Everyone Respect And Fall In Love With You

how to make people respect you

How To Get People To Like You

  • Simple Tricks To Make Friends Respect And Fall In Love With You

All of us desire to be liked, to be appreciated, to have people smile genuinely at us whenever we walk through the door. Sometimes, we may be at a gathering or function and someone walks and instantly, it is as though all heads are turning in the direction of that person. It is as though the room lit up all of a sudden.

The reason behind all these is because the person is liked by all. Yes, most people just have that aura and charm that attracts people to them. It could be in the way they smile, talk, walk, or simply the way they stare. The truth is that you cannot just help but fall in love with them.

Just in case you are wondering what or how you can get everyone to like you or to cause a stir whenever you enter a room, here are some tips to guide you:

Talk to People

One of the qualities of people who are liked is that they are usually not quiet. This does not mean endless chattering about things that do not make sense but engaging people in meaningful conversations.

This sort of people can literally start a conversation with just about anything. It could be the colour of your shoe, shirt, perfume, anything. They are not rude or blunt, just plain and very easy to talk to.

how to make everyone fall in love with you

These sort of people tend to explain things in great details and there is no boring moment with them. If you wish to be well liked, try striking up a conversation when you are in a gathering or function for instance. If you just sit without saying a word, you will get absorbed with the crowd.

Start up a conversation with the person sitting next to you and gradually, extend it to others at the table. Before you know what is happening, you will have everyone immersed in the weave that you have spun.

Ask Questions

You may have noticed that people who ask questions politely are often well-liked. When people seem to be in need of your help, you tend to connect more with them because it is human nature to be inquisitive and to share what we know.

how to make everyone want to be your friend

If you wish to appeal to people, pretend you do not know the answer to something or that you need help. From  asking for directions or help, it could trigger a rewarding conversation which can endear you to the person and leave a lasting impression.

Reveal Your Flaws Every Now and Then

Nobody is perfect and no one likes someone who appears or claims to be perfect. According to the Pitfall Effect, people tend to like you more after you have made a mistake but that is after you have proven yourself to be dependable.

So before you show your flaws, first prove that you are trust worthy. When you reveal that you are not perfect, people see a connection with you and find it easier to relate with you.

The key here is to show your natural side, while still showing that you are not infallible. This is one life hack that you are sure to utilize if you want to be liked.

Smile A Lot

Smile smile smile. You cannot underrate the power of smiling. It shows warmth, friendliness, acceptance, genuinity and love. When you smile, it makes the other person more relaxed and more open to you.

A study revealed that people liked those who smiled regardless of their body posture. When meeting people for the first time, always smile. Let them know you are pleasant person to be with and that you appreciate them.

psychology tricks to get someone to like you

Here is a trick to help you: when you smile at people after meeting them for the first time, they tend to remember you later.

Show A Sense of Humour

Having a good sense of humour and a bit of drama is a good way to help people like you. Nobody likes people who are drab and dull. Everyone likes someone who lightens up everywhere.

A sense of humour is very important. Just think of something interesting to say about the next person. For instance you could make a friendly joke about their shoes or hair. Just do not make it cruel or accusatory or personal. You can say something about how it has affected you. This makes the person more relaxed and open to even possibly share things with you.

Make Casual Body Contacts

Make the touches as a casual as possible. The other person does not need to know that you have touched them. Even if they do notice, make it so casual that they will not mind the touch.

Note however that you should not do this at the initial stage. Be sure to have achieved a certain stage of rapport between them before doing this to avoid getting bluffed (especially if you are a guy talking to a lady).

how to get anyone to like you

Establish a mutual level before making subliminal touches. Examples include tapping someone’s back, touching their arm or simply brushing their arm. When you do this, it shows a certain closeness and friendliness with the person and increases your chances of relating better with the person.

Be A Good Listener

It also helps to listen too you know (especially in the office or school). Talkers are much liked, true. But sometimes, over-talking can boomerang. Talking incessantly without pausing to at least listen to the other person is not going to help you achieve your cause. Good communication also means pausing to take a breath and possibly allow the other person to respond.

If you want people to love you more, show them that you are genuinely interested in and curious about them. What most people do not understand is that most times, while talking too much we tend to talk about ourselves. It makes people see you as conceited and rude.

Therefore to avoid this, check what you say. The moment you notice you have started slipping, pause and allow the other person to take the reins of the conversation.

Appreciate And Make People Feel Important

Going out of your way to help people is a good way to get them to like you. This happens especially at work or school. When people notice that you are the sort of person who can give them undivided attention and are willing to go miles for them, they tend to like such people.

Putting others before you is not a sign of weakness. It simply shows that you are a nice person and that you can be counted on. You can do this by helping them with their work, helping them get something at the office, talking with them and preferably, cheer them up when they are in a sour mood.

Little things such as this which may appear inconsequential actually do matter. When people notice that you are the sort who make feel important, who helped boost their self esteem, you will instantly become a star. They will feel naturally attracted to you and also like you.

Share A Secret

Everyone likes to hear the vulnerable part of others. Vulnerability is part of what makes us human. Everyone has a secret or something that has happened to them which they keep close to their hearts.

how to make people want to talk to you

Sharing that with someone is a good way to make them like you. It does not have to be something hideous and horrendous. It could just be something that happened to them (it could be funny). Sharing your own experience with them is going to make them feel relaxed and attached to you.

So sharing a tiny secret with someone is just about the right way to get them to like you.

You do not Know Everything

Nobody knows everything. Admitting that is going to go a long way in helping your relationship with other people.

Even if you know virtually everything about what is being discussed, pretend you do not. Let some things slip so you can appear natural. Having someone who appears to know all the answers looks conceited and rude and more concerned about their own feelings.

Having seen some of the ways to get people to like you, here are some tips to get people to like you in school (especially for the ladies):

Groom Yourself

This goes without being said. As a lady you should take appropriate care of yourself. Bathing twice daily is a good start. Brush twice daily especially with whitening products. Also a floral mouthwash will be ideal in case you do not want to brush at night.

Grooming yourself is very important as a lady nobody wants a smelly girl around no matter how beautiful she looks. Make sure your nails are short and neat, your hair (pubic and armpit) should always be trimmed. Be sure to always look presentable.

Your clothes should always be clean and ironed. Try to get one or two fashion accessories that are in vogue but do not copy the trend. This helps to elevate you because aside from being clean, it also shows that you are fashionable which is a very good combination. Do not forget that whiff of perfume.

First Impressions Matter

You know what they say about making good first impressions right? So always ensure you are at your best when meeting with someone especially for the first time. Find out what suits you, be sure you smell nice with your hair properly done.

If someone sees you looking scruffy and it is their first time of meeting you, they automatically assume that you are dirty. It will now be a battle for you to change that first impression.

Be Fun to Be With

Everyone likes people who are fun to be with and who makes them laugh. People get stresses and have bad days so having someone who can lighten them up is like a blessing.

Even if you are not exactly having fun where you are, make it look like you are. When people see you that way, they want to associate with you.

how to make people laugh

So crack jokes, be dramatic, spontaneous, laugh just be fun. This makes people to feel very comfortable with you.  They will enjoy your company and even want more.

Fall In Love With Yourself First

Before you can get someone to like you, you have to love yourself first. The good thing about this is that people will like you and treat you the way you wish to be treated.

how to get friends to like you

So take care of yourself work out, go to the spa, do yoga, get massages. Just do what makes you happy.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Besides being fashionable and trendy, you should also maintain a healthy lifestyle. This means eating healthy meals and drinking lots of water. Apart from getting people attracted to you, it is good for your overall  well being.

Remember that the right amount of water (at least 10 glasses in a day) can help flush out toxins from the body and make your skin glow.

Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and reduce the intake of carbonated and drinks. Also reduce the intake of junks and dried foods. Do not forget to work out, to keep yourself healthy and strong. Do it at least three times in a week. All in all, ensure that staying healthy becomes a lifestyle.

Care for Your Skin

As a lady, people tend to notice your skin faster than anything else. So having a routine skin care will not be bad right? Some people are fortunate to have flawless skin but if you do not, why not get yourself some natural skin care products? Do not try out every new product in the market. Simply find out what works for you and stick to it.

Do not bleach. Bleaching only strips your skin of all the protective layers it has which shields it from the sun and other harsh weather conditions. So make sure to cleanse your skin every morning and evening. Use a good facial scrub to remove dead skin cells and impurities (do this at least twice weekly). After scrubbing your face, rinse with warm water (so your pores are still open). Dry off with a clean towel then apply a suitable moisturizer.

Exude Confidence

Besides being beautiful, confidence and being outspoken not only says a lot about your self esteem, it also shows how you carry yourself. You may be the most beautiful person at school but if you are timid, it can cost you a lot of opportunities.

Even if you are not feeling confident, there are some good postures that can help you put up an appearance. For instance walking with your head high and your back straight.

how to get people to like you

Be sure to communicate clearly. Make contributions and say what is on your mind. This will definitely get people to like you as long as you do not overdo it.

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  1. Layeta Georgewill

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    Comedians will learn a lot from this and those having low self esteem

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    January 18, 2019 at 2:33 AM

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  5. Ugo C.C

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