Man Busted For Selling Vulture Meat As Suya

vultures meat suyaVuya seller lol

Sept 21, 2012 – Man Busted For Selling Vulture Meat As Suya

A young Hausa man has been caught by area residents of Onne in Port Harcourt for allegedly selling vulture meats as Suya to unsuspecting buyers.

The man in the above picture is a popular Suya seller in the area.

He was caught while trapping vultures with snuff and later confessed he uses vultures for his Suya business.

Please be careful who you buy Suya from!

This hustler should brand his business by calling it Vuya.

28 thoughts on “Man Busted For Selling Vulture Meat As Suya

  1. the man is just hustling to survive, just that he forgot to consider the being of other people. Please be Godly in anything u are doing before proceeding, the end of time

  2. This devilish. This man must be next to satan. Na wa ooo. Hausa that clam to be clean in terms of meat. God help us in this country.

  3. Many have eaten the vulture meat and have not die. The vulture is not and unclean bird. It is God sent. So there is no harm eating it. The Vuya man should have openly declared that he is selling Vulture.

  4. Oh! God, if dia z any way I’ve sinned against u knwly & unknwly plz 4gv & wash away all my sins. And wat do we say 2 dat?….

  5. Pastor Abraham,you sure say you never chop this vulture??? hahahahaha.ppl don kwaaajaaa for this man hand o o o

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