Man Caught In Bed With Family Friend’s Wife

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August 10, 2012 – Man Caught In Bed With Family Friend’s Wife

A user sent us some of these pictures yesterday however, we decided to carry out proper investigation before publishing it.

According to our investigation, the young man above identified as Mr Ahmed was caught on an hotel bed with his best friend’s wife in Lagos.

The wife who has been a usual suspect of adultery by her husband was caught on the same bed with Mr Ahmed few hours back.

The husband of the woman pictured above trailed the two to their hotel room, and made sure he heard the bed cringing before raising alarm and forced the door open.

By the time the door was opened, the man had managed to put on his trouser and shirt while the woman could only manage to cover her nakedness with a bathroom towel.

As he opened the door, we learnt paparazzi rushed to the scene snapping pictures with their phones and sending it to friends on Facebook and other social networks.

The hotel management quickly called police to the scene to disperse the folks who planned to take the law into their hands.

Mr Ahmed later denied any wrongdoings. He claimed the woman didn’t raise any alarm of rape because they had mutual agreement.

The adulteress on the other hand was so shocked and became dumb because of her unholy acts.

20 thoughts on “Man Caught In Bed With Family Friend’s Wife

  1. so????let him who is without sin cast d first stone,mayb her husband is not gud in bed,so many things lead to infidelity abeg,all of u shld chill..pity is she got caught,…u can eff up,but dnt get caught.

  2. @Xavier;am really surprised @d way u reasoned dis issue…fine that we all have rights to our comments buh its nat a chance to address serious issues wiv levity n annoyingly….dis two peeps are wicked and stupid especially the man what a pervert!….and as for the woman even if the husband can only mount her for 15mins she should manage or get a TOY and nat commit adultery 4 humanity sakes….STuPid people!!!!!!

    • royal wateva u call urslf…do u knw whether her hubby too cheats?we dnt knw all d facts abeg,cut d couple some slack…u guys commenting here,dont u cheat on ur gal friends?a man dat cheats on his galfrend will cheat on his wife…cut her some slack jare..Variety is the spice of life abeg…stop being a hypocrite

  3. dt man is so wicked…hw could he did dt 2 his best friend…If am d man in qustn,I wil neva b friend wt ds Cheat?And 4 his wife,she should b send packing..

  4. Pls all of you commenting on this story,i will like you to read Rev 21:8 but the fearful,and unbelieving,and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all lairs,shall have their part in the lake which burnth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. Think of d last day, wort will become of u.thank u.

  5. 2 air is human & 4give is divine says d holy bible. It has happened & dia is no remedy 4 dat. Both of dem committed a very big offense in which d bible 4bids & which is also punishable by d law.dey shuld be 4given & giving a second chance,bt if d same incidence repeat itself again d law must take its cause!

  6. Since the woman committed adultery she should be sent parking and the man be free because it is the woman consent, to avoid casualty and dead avoid second chance.

  7. Nawao, islamic law said de shld b stoned to death so let’s follow d law so dat deye will b free 4rma lkiyamas torment.

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