Man Claims His Dog’s Butt Has Jesus Christ’ Picture On It (Photos)


jesus picture dog's butt

June 15, 2013 – Man Claims His Dog’s Butt Has Jesus Christ Picture (Photos)

An internet user has just shared a bizarre image of a dog’s butt with a picture that resembles Jesus.

In the above picture, a closer look at the pug’s butt show a clear image of a man whom the guy claims is ‘his own’ Jesus.

As we speak, we’re still unsure if the guy photoshopped the picture.

Several people all over the world have shared pictures of item with Jesus’s face on them like paper goods, floor,etc.

When asked, the man said “It’s a true miracle”

Do you believe this guy because this picture looked photoshopped to me.

See another photo below

If the guy Photoshopped this, then this is blasphemy of the highest order.

May the Lord forgive him.