Man Claims His Dog’s Butt Has Jesus Christ’ Picture On It (Photos)

jesus picture dog's butt

June 15, 2013 – Man Claims His Dog’s Butt Has Jesus Christ Picture (Photos)

An internet user has just shared a bizarre image of a dog’s butt with a picture that resembles Jesus.

In the above picture, a closer look at the pug’s butt show a clear image of a man whom the guy claims is ‘his own’ Jesus.

As we speak, we’re still unsure if the guy photoshopped the picture.

Several people all over the world have shared pictures of item with Jesus’s face on them like paper goods, floor,etc.

When asked, the man said “It’s a true miracle”

Do you believe this guy because this picture looked photoshopped to me.

See another photo below

If the guy Photoshopped this, then this is blasphemy of the highest order.

May the Lord forgive him.

19 thoughts on “Man Claims His Dog’s Butt Has Jesus Christ’ Picture On It (Photos)

  1. This is End-Time brethren. No one knows which is true or false because so many things are happening.May God have mercy on His people.

  2. people are no longer afraid of the creator to the extend of using their pics 4 a tin of ridicule

  3. This is blasphemy, how can a mighty prophet of God be so ridiculed. People should watch what they say or do with regards to God’s annoited ones, else they incur the wrath of God.

  4. Nothing concern this pix and the end time……..this is a photoshoped pix….may God forgive who ever is doing this…

  5. If this guy is making a joke out of Jesus I really do feel sorry for him He doesn’t know what he is doing.

  6. People should be extra careful on what to be posted in other not to invite the wrath of God. Jesus is not ur pet or ur ridicule personality. Even if it is true it shouldn’t come out of ur mouth. Better ask 4 4giveness or u bring problems upon ur family line.

  7. This is barbaric. How could you think of such? Presenting the Saviour of your life in this manner. Be sure if this is a manipulated work, it’ll definitely incurre God’s wrath.

  8. careful with speech.most of us are playing with God not knowing HE can be cruel and his wrath decends on 3 generations. for me i wont offend HIM o.i cant lose ma gari

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