Man Commits Suicide In Isolo Lagos: Shock As Driver Parks Car, Jumps Into River & Drowns

man suicide isolo lagos

April 7, 2016 – Shock As Man Identified As Ajayi Kehinde Commits Suicide In Isolo Lagos On Monday By Jumping Into Oke Afa River

Man Commits Suicide In Isolo Lagos: Shock As Driver Parks Car, Jumps Into River & Drowns 

A young man identified as Ajayi Kehinde shocked onlookers on Monday evening when he suddenly parked his Toyota Prado SUV at Pako bus stop opposite Oke Afa carnal in Isolo and jumped into the river.

The incident which happened at the carnal pictured above drew the attention of people returning from their various workplaces.

The victim identified as 25-year-old Ajayi Kehinde drowned as onlookers looked with pity.

An eyewitness said the incident happened at 5:30pm.

His name was known through the ID card found in his SUV

As at the time of filing this report, the body had not been recovered as it seemed the police do not have the necessary equipment to do so.

12 thoughts on “Man Commits Suicide In Isolo Lagos: Shock As Driver Parks Car, Jumps Into River & Drowns

  1. for someone to be driving a car,somepppl have killed just to own an iphone 6,some killed to own a girlfriend,some ppl are still killing just to own a car,but you had abundance,a house,a car,a life but yet you decided to drown yourself.Buhari is really messing ppls minds up,when there is no more work,fuel,light,jobs,unbeatable and challenging prices of foodstuffs ,all dey think of is to kill themselves.

    nawa o

    its either hes one of those yahoo boiz who did ogunmeh for small money,never trust any young guy you see driving car worth of 4m and above say for naija use o.
    most of dem are charm kings

    see one small boi for my estate dey drive venza worth 5mil ,small boi of 23years o
    abeg tell me wich kind maye dey pay am,e no pass dating tins with ogunmeh/afoshe


  3. Frustration, depression, agony, pains, mockery from neighbors/friends/family members/, misfortune and sins of the past/present, etc. causes one to commit suicide. But he shouldn’t have taken his own life no matter what. RIP

  4. Of course, police will not be helpful on this one since there’s no one suspect they will arrest and punish for nothing and at the end bail with good currency.

  5. The situation in Nigeria can push anyone without job and Christ into depression hence commit Suicide. Just take a look at the whole nation. How can people live like this continuous hassle stress struggle no petrol suffering.

  6. nawao dis z terrible, just loose his life just like dat…wot on earth might hv resulted in leading him 2 such act…a man at 25 4 dat matter

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