Man Commits Suicide In Agege Lagos, Tope Diya Hangs Self At His Shop In Oko Oba

man suicide agege lagos

May 20, 2016 – Man Hangs Himself In Agege Lagos, Tope Diya Hangs Self At His Shop In Oko Oba

A young man ended his life around 7am yesterday in Agege area of Lagos.

The suicide victim identified as 21-year-old Tope Diya reportedly hung himself at his workplace on Olayiwola street at Oko Oba axis of Agege.

His lifeless body was found by his brother, Sule Wasiu.

The reason for the suicide is yet to be revealed as the time of this report.

His corpse has been taken to the mortuary for autopsy.

11 thoughts on “Man Commits Suicide In Agege Lagos, Tope Diya Hangs Self At His Shop In Oko Oba

  1. Wot a sad way to end,,,
    i don”t see any reasonable reason why one should take his or her own life.. A young one who z just beginning life 4 dat matter..

  2. Something should be done to find out why suicide is becoming rampant so the root cause is addressed.

    RIP to the dead

  3. Why no matter anything, the bible said “cast all your burden on me (Jesus Christ) for I careth for everything, lay all your needs at his feet.
    What will you tell your creature?

  4. Maybe “A VOICE“ commanded him to do so who knows?
    That‘s the recent report now. A voice own by an abstract unseen entity is now in the business of commanding people it choses to go kill themselves, who in turn obeys without one backward look.

    Na another place wey I hear tory o.

  5. If only a frustrated, despondent individual contemplating suicide would pause for a flash of seconds and consider the eternal torments awaiting him in the ever-burning fires of hell, perhaps he would dissuade himself from that choice. Taking your life to break from your earthly suffering only to be ushered into the grand father of sufferings in hell is the most-stupid thing any man can do. No matter what we suffer in this world, the thought that it is not forever could trudge us on till it pleases God to remember our poor estates. At worst we die in our misery without being instrumental to our death. The world beyond is the most-mattering.

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