Lekan Shonde Trial Begins: Official Autopsy Report Of Ronke Indicts Husband As Pathologist Speaks

lekan shonde trial

May 20, 2016 –  Ronke Shonde Murder Update: Wife Killer Lekan Shonde’s Trial Begins As Autopsy Report Indicts Him

Lagos Wife Killer Lekan Shonde To Be Arraigned Today As LASUTH Pathologist, Dr Shoyemi Blasts The Media For False Report

The Forensic expert who conducted the autopsy of Ronke Shonde has come after the media who reportedly attributed Ronke’s death to respiratory seizure.

Yesterday, the Head of Pathology & Forensic Medicine Department in LASUTH condemned the media for trying to help alleged wife killer Lekan Shonde.

ronke shonde autopsy report

Dr Shoyemi who refused to reveal the autopsy detail said it is up to the police to release the report to the media. He however said Ronke didn’t die of Respiratory Seizure as reported in the media yesterday.

Mr Shonde would be arraigned before the Chief Magistrate Court in Yaba today for allegedly killing his wife.

Will bring you full update later in the day.

11 thoughts on “Lekan Shonde Trial Begins: Official Autopsy Report Of Ronke Indicts Husband As Pathologist Speaks

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  3. I wonder how the media ever got their own forensic report. Anyway, I hope that they are not the ones right and you, wrong. Anybody could be compromised, even a forensic expert. We are waiting…

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