Man Dies At Lagos Bar Beach During Spiritual Cleansing, 4 Others Drown


man drowns lagos bar beach

January 13, 2014 – Man Dies At Lagos Bar Beach During Spiritual Cleansing, 4 Others Drown

At least 5 people have died at the popular Lagos Bar Beach in the last 2 weeks.

According to NEMA, a man was reportedly caught in an ocean tide on Sunday evening in the company of his friend. 4 revelers were also washed away by ocean tide on New Year’s day.

The last incident involved a muslim group, Salallahu Ala Monla Nabiya, who came to the beach for spiritual cleansing. One of them (identity unknown) reportedly drowned on Sunday.

According to the group, “an adult man in company of friends this evening (Sunday) was washed away in the sea by the Bar Beach. The man and his friends stayed far from the usual area where fun-seekers converged until one of them raised the alarm of the drowning of the man.”

Efforts to save the drowning man was said to have proved abortive as he was swept away by the raging ocean surge.

Immediately, the beach rescuers made frantic efforts at saving the man but they could not rescue him. This incident has brought the number of those drowned at the Bar Beach to five in 12 days. Four people were drowned on the first of January and efforts to rescue them proved abortive till two days later when their remains were recovered,” NEMA spokesman lamented.

“When ice formations in the Polar regions of Canada, the USA and Europe melt and flow into the Atlantic Ocean, the effect is increase in the volume of water which leads to extensive ocean tide beyond the limit of the sea shore, thereby increasing the Continental shelf These are part of the cumulative effects of global warming,” NEMA spokesman explained.