Man Sues God: Israeli Man Files Lawsuit Against God, Case Dismissed As The Accused Didn’t Show Up

man sues God israel

May 9, 2016 – Man Sues God: Israeli Man Files Lawsuit Against His Creator, Case Dismissed Because God Didn’t Show Up In Court

Israeli Man Who Filed Restraining Order Against God Disgraced In Court As Judge Claims God Didn’t Show Up

An Israeli man has lost his lawsuit against God over no show of the accused.

The unidentified man initially reported God to a nearby police station after accusing His Holiness of exhibiting negative attitude toward him by not answering his prayers.

Police sent patrol cars to his house and afterwards ignored him.

He escalated the matter and filed a restraining order against His Holiness.

The Haifa resident who didn’t give much details about his feud with Almighty Jehovah was shocked on the day of his hearing when a Judge identified as Ahsan Canaan dismissed his lawsuit describing it as bizarre.

He told the defendant to get himself some mental help.

Judge Canaan dismissed the application because the Almighty God didn’t show up in court.

21 thoughts on “Man Sues God: Israeli Man Files Lawsuit Against God, Case Dismissed As The Accused Didn’t Show Up

  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahhaha hahahahahahahahhahaha hahahahahahahahha!

    This is the story of the day. Hahahahah!

  2. Na why I was tolding pipul to smoke orijinal igbo. I am dey sure say this man was smoke igbo wey was mix with chrismas tree. Na why he is mumu like this. It never finish o. As God no come, make you enter oroplane tell the pilot to carry you to heavun. Make you go heaven go arrested God put am for oroplane carry come back so that they go judje am. Nonsens man.

  3. He thougt governmet will compansate him! He needs medical attention to solve hls mental problem.

  4. Poor Man, whatever his prayer is it will soon be answered because I learn when there is desperation prayers are speedily answered. This is desperation personified and I hope the man will call the police and go to the court to rejoice with him when God answers his good prayer. O ma se e o!

  5. this fool is mentally derailed. hehehehehhehehehehehehhehehehhehehehhehehehehe Original werey ni eleyi ooo

  6. How can the almighty God, the judge of all judges in world and universe, the only one who’s judgement cannot be questioned..apper in the court of men???? That defendant is a pyschopath, and should cry for mercy all through his life even in his state of insanity..You there not question God, talk more of sueing him to the court of men…(Imagine the transgression)

  7. I saw this story three days ago in a newspaper and since then I have not stopped laughing. The man should apply for an apartment in a mental hospital.

  8. The man among other problems, is suffering from identity crisis and desires attention.

  9. Hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhhhahahah, I have never made a comment here, but I am moved 2……D guy don high

  10. “Who does this fellow thinks he is trying to ensnare?”
    “I strongly believe this guy is a psychotic breeding grandiose thoughts in his mashed mentality”
    ” Is he trying to pass a message to me? ”
    ” May be, he wants to ridicule my judging prowess”

    These may be some of the thoughts traversing the mind of the judge presented with this one-off case.


    I see it from the perspective that the judge in that case and other judges across the globe who may get the wind of this on-of-its-kind of a case are being reminded that the ULTIMATE power does not lie in their bosom .

    Judges have the power to pronounce death or life on someone but, there is ONE who will decide their (judges) fate when they cross the other side of the River.

    Something within me tells me that this man’s singular act will change someone for good.

    Most judges globally, are on the side ….

    You may be surprised that this man is not out his senses but, may have been sent by God to challenge Judges.

    Even if he was not sent by God, believe you me, a strong message has been delivered to one particular soul somewhere. And that is “We are accountable to one the supreme BEING , JEHOVAH “

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