Married Man Arrested In Lagos For Impregnating Underage 13-Year-old Girl Blames The Devil


married man impregnate 13 year old girl lagos

Feb 24, 2015  – Married Father Of One Arrested In Lagos Nigeria For Impregnating Underage, 13-Year-old Teenage Girl Says Devil Caused It

A randy husband in Lagos has been arrested for impregnating an underage girl.

According to police report, 32-year-old married dad of one, Lateef Gbolahan impregnated 13-year-old Esther in his matrimonial home at Oke Odo area of Lagos.

Parents of the girl who live next to Gbolahan told police he had been sleeping with her since she was 10 years old and at a time he threatened to kill her if she confessed to anyone.

Afraid of losing her life, Esther refused to tell anyone until her parents started noticing the swelling belly accompanied by constant vomiting.

Police said the suspect has accepted full responsibility for his actions and also blamed the devil for the act.

Read his dirty confessional statement below:

“it is the work of the devil. i used to send the girl on errand and when you see her. she looks like a grown woman. Her breast is very big but inside bra it will look small, she used it to confuse me, Esther is not a small girl, she know more thing about sex than i do.

She used her mouth to tell me to close the door the first day when i send her to buy plantain. she was already doing it with other people before me.

Her hole was very big when i go first time. she has confessed to me before that Bamidele (Another Tenant) is her boyfriend. Police should arrest Bamidele. it is not my baby. I do only three times. Officer, I am sorry, it is the devil. If you release me i will marry her. please”

The case is currently in Panti Yaba for criminal prosecution.