Meet Nigerian Pastor, Founder Of Ritualists Church In Lagos, Ernest Nwankwo (Photos)

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June 30, 2014 – Meet Nigerian Pastor Who Use People For Money Ritual In Lagos, Ernest Nwankwo (Pictures)

Meet Pastor Ernest Chuwuemeka Nwankwo, the founder of Holy Family Ministry also known as House Of Mercy in Ikorodu area of Lagos state Nigeria.

Last Wednesday, his evil acts was exposed when a member of the church was caught with a missing child. 8 victims were rescued from his den last week.

Since he go busted, he has disappeared into thin air.

Pastor Nwankwo started his ministry in July 1997, He was born in Onitsha on the 3rd of November 1964.

He is the founder of Happy Family Home Foundation International in Lagos and Anambra.

ernest Nwankwo

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6 thoughts on “Meet Nigerian Pastor, Founder Of Ritualists Church In Lagos, Ernest Nwankwo (Photos)

  1. Welcome to the house of mercy where we solve all ur life problem….Mumu people. If devil open a church today, Nigerians will worship there.
    see TB joshua church as e dey full with morons.
    By their fruits u shall know dem Christians shine ur eyes

  2. Why r u guys surprised? I am nt one bit. Pple wnt 2 c miracles isn‘t it? Dt is y any fast business minded applicant can just capitalize on d ignorance of a few gulliuables, go gt some magical powers den claimed 2 hv bin called by God, whn they acually called demslvs, rent a place, put up a structure n a church begins.
    Dis is just 2 fulfil d word of d Holy Bible, odawise, d Word of God wld b false. End tym pastors. Many r still oper8n 2day unda same guise.

  3. My brother jide that is how they all look. Innocent. But their heart is dark as night. Very dangerous people. They are ready to kill.

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