Meet The Most Beautiful Woman In The World 2013, Saudi Arabian Queen Fatima Zohar-Godabari

the most beautiful woman in the world saudi arabia

April 24, 2013 – Meet The Most Beautiful Woman In The World 2013, Saudi Arabian Queen Fatima Zohar-Godabari

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but this type of natural beauty is very exceptional.

Meet the most beautiful woman in the world 2013, Saudi Arabian queen Fatima Zohar-Godabari.

Before now, the beautiful lady is used to covering her whole face with a Niqab but she is ready to show the world what she is made of.

the most beautiful woman in the world

Take a good look at her, do you think she is indeed the most beautiful woman in the world?

75 thoughts on “Meet The Most Beautiful Woman In The World 2013, Saudi Arabian Queen Fatima Zohar-Godabari

  1. Dnt ague non-sense,d point is dat she was 1 of d contestants nd dat does nt mean she is d most beautiful woman in d whole world.

    • Make or no make up,wen u are beautiful,u are beautiful..wen u are ugly,u are ugly…if she isn’t beautiful,she wldn’t luk dis gorgeous in dat make up cos it wont fit her. Buh she luk so awesome cos she is indeed pretty.

    • Make-up or no make-up,wen u are beautiful u are beautiful,wen u are other way round,u are. Let nt envy dis godess,cos she is indeed beautiful.

  2. I wish I was a military president in Nigeria,I will issue a decree that all christians should marry muslims and vice versa.Only then I think this rubbish will end.As 4 d woman she is simply beautiful&not d most beautiful!

  3. ah dnt jes knw y it uzualy BITE some girls wen derz 1 girl dts cald mst BEAUTIFUL…d 1s dt r tlkn bout early n d mawnin y dnt u post ur own pic lets rate..d babez fyn stp h8n!

  4. Yeppuda. Lol rnt yu people ashame of yur selvs. Must yu show yur stupidity every wia yu go?? Dis is the net 4 God sake. How many non nigerians do you see postn rubbish or even postn. Wia they r lookn 4 d idiots we woun’t fyn. Wia we don’t need dem is wia we wud fynd dem. Habo kawai. Go and sleep pls. Btw the gurl is beautifl. Try postn yur own pic den we wud grade. Go and sleep.

  5. Nothing like most beautiful woman in d word hv u check other woman in d word to compare and junior sister self fine pass dat girl without make up.

  6. Even though if dis woman is the most beautiful in the world or not i believe we are all humans and same in earth with God image as he has created us all for one day d beauty of a man will be no more but lost in vanity so y dont we believe dat God knows d best he has created and dont make ur own choice for u not to be guilty and alway take note about this

  7. All mouths on her, this is what the religion tries to avoid by recommending can see she has become fitna for people this is not religious.AND FOR NIGERIANS I PRAY GOD WILL DELIVER YOU FROM UNWARRANTED SENTIMENT.IF SHE IS B OR U WHY THEN BKH OR ARE ALL MUSLIM BKH. Hmm paedophiles and rapist be warned.

  8. Evry gals look good in heavy n artificial make up if c is same as beautiful without makeup thrn we can say indeed c is

  9. She ain’t beautiful. Without all that heavy foundations, blushes, eyelashes, lipstick, etc she looks just like an abino version of the paw paw Igbo girl in the villages who look naturally beautiful than her. Hey pale shit shitter, wipe off all that loads and pleel off those eye nashes then try to claim the title thousands of women better than you truly and naturally posses. Anyone supporting is a sentimental Muslim and a stupid fool! They can hug the nearest transformer cos my wife doesn’t use make up and she dust this abino wet pack makeup for face. My woman’s nose is finer, pointed. She’s front and behind wet stand erect 100℅ She is naturally olive skinned. Dark eyelashes 100℅ natural with red/pink lips. Athletic, tall humble etc Highly educated, exposed but still my virgin tear rubber goddess wife I married. So blind folks carry this zombie plastic mobile makeup cupboard comot from here. Die if you want but the truth remains the truth. You are not natural enough nor beautiful enough to be on the list ‘Beautiful’. Make up is the only competition you have in your country. Hissss! Next!!

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