OAU Student Escapes Assassination Attempt On Ede Road; Shot Twice By Assassins

oau student assassination attempt

April 25, 2013 – OAU Student Escapes Assassination Attempt In Ede Osun State; Assassins Shot Him Twice

Taiwo Pelumi, a student at the popular Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile Ife Osun state is happy to be alive after he escaped an assassination attempt.

According to an eye witness, the Chemical Engineering student was shot twice on the 12th of April by some unknown gunmen off Ede Road in Osun state.

We learnt Taiwo Pelumi was making a phone call beside his car when 2 men suddenly approached him.

He was pushed to the ground and shot twice. A female student of the same school who was walking towards him at the time was kidnapped by the gunmen who eventually stole Taiwo’s car.

Taiwo was immediately rushed to an undisclosed hospital by some Good Samarithans.

“For you all who heard I was shot several times on Friday night that was me and I am still breathing. Thank Almighty God.” – said Taiwo in a Tweet

6 thoughts on “OAU Student Escapes Assassination Attempt On Ede Road; Shot Twice By Assassins

  1. Oops, congrats bt remembr he who kill wt sword will surely die by sword Cos u reap whateva u sow. He dt hs what it takes could DECODE dis, rait?

  2. Taiwo,give ur life to God fully now,u would have been a dead man but he spaired ur life glory to God.

  3. I want to agree wit Jostos, Taiwo shud amend his ways bcos he must av bein in d same act or bein a cultist tryin to denounce membership dat is bein hunted by coliques. I want to believe dat God saved ur life bcos He has a work 4 u & d earlier u accept it, d better 4 u! So what about d kidnapped girl. Any news yet? Reply

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