Mercy Aigbe And Akin Olaiya “Caught In Hotel” In Ikorodu Lagos

mercy aigbe akin olaiya caught in hotel ikorodu lagos

Two Popular Nollywood stars  were recently caught in the act in a hotel in Ikorodu Lagos.

The Nollywood couple, Mercy Aigbe and Akin Olaiya played romantic role for an upcoming movie titled Olomo Merin.

The project which started last week is still ongoing.

4 thoughts on “Mercy Aigbe And Akin Olaiya “Caught In Hotel” In Ikorodu Lagos

  1. They look like they have something in common. This is man observation.
    Mercy Aigbe looks honey and Olaiya is ever ready

    • You are dam stupid this is what she was looking for, opening toto shop for all, the main reason she left her marriage in the first place notting to do with domestic violence – Olosho number one, except you are one of them – messing about, do you think this is her only man she fucked today, this week or this month she has open ‘toto shop’ for movies roles – those that don’t have big money to give her, for access to contracts and for money – those who can afford to pay her. Nonsenses

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