Mercy Aigbe Slammed For Dressing Like Prostitute To K1’s 62nd Birthday

mercy aigbe prostitute

Mercy Aigbe Slammed For Dressing Like Prostitute To K1’s 62nd Birthday

While everyone dressed responsibly, she was the only one who looked out of place.

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe got tongues wagging on Sunday the 3rd of March 2019 at the Raddison Blue Hotel in Lagos when she joined colleagues to celebrate Fuji icon Wasiu Ayinde Marshal’s 62nd birthday.

Although it was a night of fun, Aigbe almost caused a scene with the inappropriate outfit she wore the event.

According to eagle eyes, most women at the party distanced themselves from Aigbe who was all smiles through the event.

The party was graced by top politicians, industrialists, and socialites.

Other Nollywood stars spotted at the event include Bukola Adeeyo, Tayo Odueke, Kemi Korede and others.

mercy aigbe dressed prostitute  

wasiu ayinde birthday photos
wasiu ayinde 62 birthday

Aigbe who divorced her broke husband last year is single and ready to mingle.

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14 thoughts on “Mercy Aigbe Slammed For Dressing Like Prostitute To K1’s 62nd Birthday

  1. Mercy for your information, this is not fashion.
    U look like a village girl. wake up girl

  2. Mercy why this mess? Actor or prostitute??? If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck!

  3. Is that cups,ivory or what? ecstasy induced smile, anyway, if that’s what makes you happy, keep on doing it,i hope those you are role modelling will think and decide for themselves.

  4. All the people commenting about Nollywood ladies about their worldly dress especially Mercy Aigbe , you are making them feel special and more popular. She dressed like a prostitute or she is a prostitute. It is not they look like, they are. And if they claim they are not, then who are the prostitute .

  5. poor gal,,,,,no mind them…..u still have a good selling point for the pick and drop guys.

  6. Mercy, why stoop so low? You have a teenage daughter, for crying out loud. What examples are you setting for her? Don’t be a fool at 40 o, my dear.

  7. Mercy how do you see or judge yourself in this provokingly fashion? where is your dignity? where’s your conscience ? I am very sorry to say that you have lost your senses and the respect I once had for you. You have to be conscious of your dressing because of the children you’re raising up. Please change your way of life and comport yourself in more and respectful way.

  8. Men! be-careful of some women like Mercy. Don’t think they are young in face. Infact, they know more than what a 70 year old man knows. They don’t do this thing ordinarily, they use a lot of Juju and hypnotized men with jass in order to extort money from them. That was why she fought with her husband so that she can then tell the whole world that she’s been abused.

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