Mercy Aigbe & Tonto Dikeh Join Wuraola Ogunwusi Walk Against Domestic Violence[VIDEO & PHOTOS]

wuraola ogunwusi anti domestic violence walk

June 30, 2017 – Photos: Mercy Aigbe, Tonto Dikeh, Sola Sobowale Join Wuraola Ogunwusi Walk Against Domestic Violence In Lagos Today

See video and photos from the anti-domestic violence walk that held in Ikoyi Lagos today.

15 thoughts on “Mercy Aigbe & Tonto Dikeh Join Wuraola Ogunwusi Walk Against Domestic Violence[VIDEO & PHOTOS]

  1. They’re not even up to twenty (20) in number.Ma all of them their husbands dey beat? Mercy your Gentry don suffer for your hand o. And the king don dey beat him queen too

  2. Domestic abuse of any kind is a demonic influence that no decent human beings should encourage or tolerate. But when you see gold diggers like Mercy Aigbe and mannerless and drug addict like Tonto Dikeh who are abusers of their husbands and other women rallying on the streets of Lagos, then one will wonder who is deceiving who? Tonto Dikeh who publicly abuse her old woman maid, her mother in law, and abuse her former husband now trying to play the victim card, that shows the hypocrisy and indecency of these Aristos turned celebrities. What about Mercy Aigbe who drained her foolish husband-Lanre Gentry financially dried and abandoned him to enjoy another married man’s wealth, she also is trying to paint that dumb and foolish Gentry black in order to have excuse to abandon him for another foolish rich man. Lanre Gentry was happily married to a decent woman before falling flat for Jazebel known as Mercy Aigbe when he was really wealthy.But today, he is broke like church rats. I have no pity for Gentry for been so dumb and foolish. He was Mercy’s second divorced husbands, and the list will definitely continues because her frog is always looking for a pleasant place to dwell. When I see indecent, greedy, gold diggers, husband’s snashers and abusers of men, married woman, and weak old woman parading themselves as victims of domestic violence or abuse, it shows that our society is sick. Only a monster of a man beat his wife, girl or any woman, but these ladies are monsters themselves that are looking for popularity and pity from the general public. Total nonsense!

  3. Some of them are sick. Tell me which man will beat a faithful wife, after you’ve make him believe his your one and only king and he later found out you cheating or abusing his family member what will you expect.
    Women learn to respect your husband know matter what…

  4. Good image goes a long way . I admire the course but people running the programme have no credibility starting from ONI OF IFES PROSTITUTE so called wife degrading the image of the throne . This same woman was married 3 times including ashawo to dubai and snatching oni from his wife even dating a married men. Married to hausa where she had still birth for boyfriend under the same man roof, married to dubai man and so many escapedes.
    Gentry wife that is not ready to be under any man and selling herslf for money. I guess gentry got what he deserves, when you marry a good wife and you do not appreciate them , people like this Harlot is what you deserves.
    Foluke daramola, another prostitute carrying playcard , snatches husband and displaced his legalised children , same will come back to you , by the time the man start sexually abusing your daughter , I am sure you will not be able to say it out .
    Tonto , soft spot for you , you also make another woman unhappy, I guess you are reaping what you sow. However believed issue about your motherinlaw

  5. Talk is cheap, is very easy to judge others until you become a victim, whatever name you like you can call these ladies, my sincere prayer for you is that it will happen to you, your sisters and daughters.

  6. Association of prostitudes and husband snatchers parading the streets looking for cheap popularity led by the chief lecture from university of abuja,who got transfered to university of ile ife and snatched another lady husband, mercy an edo girl who pretended to love lanre gentry and sucked all his money and dump him, same as the olori SONIA who ran away from baba lebanese ti oni of ife pretending to be pregnant of plastic tummy, all of you will reap the fruits of your labour. Please stop pretending and face realities of life. All your time are limited, your bells are tickling it will soon bursts out soon.F******king Ass*********os

  7. Please whoever dey talk to baba lebanese wife should tell her to phone EFCC to leave her jigawa state governor husband from detention, because any man she follow she will suck them dry, and EFCC go catch dem, If not be say ADEYEYE became king of ife, EFCC for don catch am too because of 400 million naira fraud wey him do with his company name. A beg OLORI SONIA ITOHAN alias OLORI WURU WURU, please make you no suck oni dry please, because you don start to make demand say make ADEYEYE come go build house for her in EDO her villiage.Abeg i take god bg you with all fake life you are living, and all fake bags and jewelrie you they buy from dubai. Make that one do you abeg. No suck adeyeye dry ooooooo I beg you

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