Mercy Johnson Biography & Life History – Profile Of Nollywood Actress Okojie

mercy johnson biography

Mercy Johnson Biography & Life History – Profile Of Nollywood Actress Okojie

Updated in 2013 – Nollywood is packed with highly gifted superstars of which is the gorgeous Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson Ozioma aka Mercy Johnson.

Mercy Johnson Date of Birth: She was given birth to in Lagos on August 28, 1984, even though she started out her primary school education in Calabar where she resides with her biological father. Mercy afterwards relocated to Lagos State when her daddy was transferred, where she continued her schooling at the Nigerian Navy Primary school.

The celebrity went to Rivers State Secondary School for her secondary education in addition to Nigerian Navy Secondary School in Port Harcourt, River State. Right after her secondary education, she auditioned for a role in ‘the Maid’ a movie that’s to launch her into stardom.

The sexy actress continues to be one of Nigeria’s best rising female movie star. Mercy Johnson elevated to popularity in her role in ‘The Maid’ in which she acted as a house help to excellence. The gifted actress is however fast to indicate that this wasn’t her 1st film to stardom though it may be one which made her a household name (

In the course of acting in ‘The Maid’ movie, she’d never obtained any sort of expert training in the Nigerian movie industry and had just finished her secondary school education.

The talented actress has been mostly connected with emotionally charged roles. As witnessed in many of her films, she’s an extremely actress who is able to fit any role ranging from action to romance. She also admits being her very best in emotional roles.

A few of Mercy Johnson’s movies include Beyond Desire, My Beloved Son, Look Into My Eyes, Kill the Bride, Painful World, Under Control, Lost to Lust, Sweet Mama, Wealth Aside, Royal Tears, Genevieve, Strength to Strength, Last Kiss, Forest of Promises and Women in Power.

She hails from a family of 7 children and she is the 6th child. She talks very lovingly of her father, a former Naval officer, with whom she loves playing games. The attractive actress talks very little about the role her biological mother played in her life (
She recently got married to an Edo based businessman, Prince Odianosen Okojie. For more Nigerian & Nollywood Biographies, Click Here

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  1. since i hav been watching movie mercy johnson s my best favorite actress that i can proud of even in international. just keep it up


  3. I so mch luv mercy Johnson, her actions, the way she cries n d way she fought in the movie called”heart of a fighter” bravo!

  4. i love mercy bt exposing her body wil always make her advice 2 her is dat,she completes her university education if she has nt.if nt nw d need wil definitely arise . Above al MERCY U R D BOMB.i love ya

  5. i lov u mercy bt u wil b more superior if u reduce ur nudity in movies. Try complete ur university education if u hav nt cos d need wil som day arise

  6. i here when u audition to be an actress in naija u first have to cry don’t know if it is true but any way i love it when Mercy plays the emotional roles i find myself crying she is one powerful lady keep up tha spirit just remember ur a mirror to the society careful with ur doings

  7. Through ur recent movies called Royal Fight , i learn 2 stop fighting, u really inspired my life positively, but i will like 2 ask u a favour,please i beg u in d Name of God,plz dont divorce for reason,i have so many things 2 say but let me stop here, keep it up ok.

  8. First nd fore most,i want 2 thank God for d grace of lyf which he gave 2’s nt her right but a privillage.she is indeed blessd wif d talent of acting.she a role model.a mentor 2 me.dear keep it up.

    • george not so that you may not be george, mercy many people out there are saying our marriege with urm husband was a contract. buth dnt mind them cos there are only jealous of you.

  9. Hmmm mercy, heard of ur blindness, dn’t wori k? GOD wil surely c u through d days of ur tribulation. Jst be prayerful, nd of gud courage. I pray, u recover fast, cos i’m reali missin u. Tnks nd Godbless.

  10. I really like u and 4 d records, u are ma role model. I knw dat one day am gonna b a super star like u or even more than that. In a nutshell u always make ma day anytime i watch ur movie.

    • i love urway mercy johnson , am very proud of you because God has make you to be mercy i will like you to adjust the mode of your dressing stp exposing ur precious body out.u r still the best.Love you

  11. mercy u re my twin,pple say i luk lyk u,anyway,jst mind ur doings cos pple re wicked.nd dres decently cos u re nw maried,i dnt want u to divorce.takia.kip d flag flyn.

  12. mercy is not blind ooh nd pls u guys shud stop complaining abt her dressing…na una 1st talk say we want to see d real thing why complain…mercy i luv uuu nd ur acting….keep it up…u r simply da best

  13. u ar realy wonderful..thers dz tin abt u,,originality.big favourite,i can say..wishn u a blessed marriage.plz be mindful of ur dressn,ok…

  14. Mercy johnson commenting about you have made me to be speechless, all i will say is dat u worth more than, what any body can said about you and adopt 2 dress like a married woman, let ur roles be very plain insuch a way there will be no any atom of doubt. I love u!!!

  15. Ur one in town dear mercy johnson,i wish 2 see u @least talk or act with u someday cos ur just the bomb.ur a woman or virtue & a rare gem.i dnt watch any movie u didnt feature in cos ur d only actress dat makes me feel on top each time i watch movies,u act so real & ur so talented.i wish u can call me wit dis number 07032929386,ur d reason 4 movie industry,keep it up & continue shinning dear. I really luv & cheerish u alot.

    • My name iz Al Ameen Hussain the founder nd president of outlawz film production in Niger state, if really u ar like mercy Johnson as u claim then come lets fix u up 07068578880

  16. Mercy Johnson is a good and talented movie star. Those who wish her death should first go. Whom God has blessed, no one should course. I love you mercy johnson and i wish i am your brother. God will bless and keep you. Amen.

  17. My prayers is that she should be more than who she is, bcose of a truth shes good, may she be good and caring to her husband.

  18. mercy Johnson is a very stupid girl cause she wants 2 corrupt all d nija Hollywood actreeses once again she is becomin a harlot which i tink d only left nw is 2 act blue firm hw i wish d eye will go blind.


    • Yu r nothing but a common idiot….u are managing at the platform of jealousy…..mercy ȋ̝̊̅§ the most beautiful girl in nollywood, she ȋ̝̊̅§ best dressed . U can kiss her ass wen u dying huge transformer************

    • @ baron, yur generation can not be like mercy Johnson, she ȋ̝̊̅§ the best that has happened to nollywood…she dresses fine that ȋ̝̊̅§ wat the character ask her to wear she wears……….so kip yu ass in a place if yu don’t have anytin to [email protected] MJ, I luv u wit my life, u are carrying a baby G , here name will Deborah*****kiss kiss

  19. Dear mercy Johnson how are you doing to day please contact me so that we are going to talk more better, so your are looking so appeal to others we love your characters you are the best to me blc you have a kind heart and you are so lovely to me,God will bless you for and will protect you for too.
    take a very good care of your self,

  20. Dear mercy Johnson how are you doing to day please contact me so that we are going to talk more better, so your are looking so appeal to others i love your characters and you are the best to me blc you have a kind heart and you are so lovely to me,God will bless you for and will protect you for too.
    take a very good care of your self,

    Pls i need your help


  21. awww i luv Mercy too much, she is real and i luv watching all her movies, she is good
    Mercy when are u coming to Sierra Leone???

  22. Exquisite talent but a bundle of canality.Say NO to the spirit of nudity dear Mercy.Ur name is Ozioma so be a goodnews,a model.

  23. Mercy johnson is the best in nollywood now. He is so real in his acting. She plays every role so well.she is intelligent. After Genevieve,she is next. Keep it up girl cos u will go places just like Genevieve

  24. I appreciate Mercy’s lyf,nd i wil lv 2 b lyk ha,i lv d role she plays in actn,especially d way she speaks nd seduce guy,i lv d romance.She’s indeed a SUPER STAR,i lv ya Mercy,i cal ha Mercyhot cos shes rili hot

  25. Infact mercy you are changing lives of people in the world. My wife like and has more than 1OO COPIES OF YOUR MOVIES, KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP, WE JUST WATCHIN G ” heart of mother” and is sweet and very educative, call reply so that we can have your contact, children will be crying in your house soon all the best mrs. Ozioma johnson O.

  26. You know what Mercy i like you. you are one of my favourite actresses and i love you very much.your movies make m feel happy.i will kip on watching your movies and keep on the good standard.i wish you would cum to Zimbabwe.wish to c u.tek ker

  27. ozioma makuu o. ovayu yo? l believe u can read in ur dialect. girl l really like seeing u in movies. u re tryng but pls always remember God’s mind towards u bcos God care most about u. takia

  28. U are one in a million babe! I always talk about ur galant & gorgeous physical shape.i hope to hv a babe like u 4 wife

  29. Mercy is really talented…i love an actor thou upcoming,i know its not that easy.Mercy is really an actress with ambition…I wish her hapy married life.honey dont forget to link me.

  30. Mercy johnson,god has real blessed her,u are a role model i love ur action.she is fit in all role.and she is a sexy girl.God has really inspira u.keep it up,i luv ur action

  31. in evry moment of life, in al aspect of tinkin, in al maners of behavior, in d spirit of comunication, in al steps u take, ure d bst actres mercy jst luv u wen i saw ure actions at motherles home in umuahia ure indeed gud

  32. Mercy J,i really luv ur styles d way u act xpecially wen acting an emotional part it makes makes me cry 2,i really come 2 respect u 4 dis films u acted’HEART OF A FIGHTER,ROYAL FIGHT,DUMEBI D DIRTY GAL,D ENEMY I SEE,DEEP WATERS’ and so many of them.Mercy J,i really commend u on ur gud works,wishing u a 1daful married lyf.Keep it up D SKY IS UR LIMIT,u still my role model,i luk forward 2 seeing u on a very gud day,take care.

  33. I luv mercy so much even her role in movies she dey mk me go crazy.i wish i can find a way 2 speak 2 her i wil be glad.i want 2 join film industry plz help me baby u 2 much oh no mata wt pple say u re stil d bst.Abeg MERCY thumbs up 4 u.I LUV U.

  34. Mercy u r a darlin i wish to meet u bcos i rili behave lik u dat anywere i go people ask if am ur sis plz if i can get ur no i wil b gald if ur no is nt possibly going to reach me u can cal me on 08166801260 jst to hear ur voice plz

  35. mercy, u have no slightest idea how much i enjoy ur movies, must i explain? ur movie roles r awesomely played.l love u & ur movies.GOD bless u.

  36. mercy johnson, i lyk u in keziah bt sumtym i hate coz u go out of my women dsire wyl u r ontop 4 women dsire, sum say d lyk u wyl i antagonize. U re d lady, yeah u r, an uptown-gal, i lyk ya, dnt giveup coz u r undisputable

  37. Mercyj…u r 3much i luv som of ur movies wyl som r bad bt despite al u r stil mi best in nollywood bot m&f bt bkaful wit ur wears k nd also rmba 2 b a source of joy 2ur husband n family…..i rili LUV u mercy. Takia n may God kip u………..fil d gap

  38. Well nice post by all of u mercy is a star already she is best of her kind nd all so one of my favourite actress she needs our support nd encouragement….mercy thumbs up 4 u go ahead with ur destiny i wish 2 tell 2 always Remember 2 put GOD FIRST HE IS d ultimate make HIM UR PRIMARY ND u never regret being a celebrity ..HAPPY MARRIED LIFE aLSO we ar xpectin a baby star from u kkk takecare …..LUV YOU

  39. Swt heart u r gud, i am proud of u wia ever i go there is no path dat u r not fit into BRAVO 2 U DEAR. I wish i c some one 2 help me i can also act vry wel but nobdy 2 help.

  40. Sista mercy..i wil lyk 2 b lyk d male mercy.i luv nt in wot she acts oly bt in har sexy body, gud speakin nd much more.infact i luv u wel wel…do u lyk mi?

  41. am so much in love with mercy, she never exergerate or over act, it just flow naturally 4rm her inside, shes good, infact she is d best.

  42. Kudos 2 u mama. I cal u Mama cos u worth it. Ma future ambition is 2 b like you after my secondary school. Right knw am in ss3 2 finish nxt year 2013.witout u d film industry should nt b. U r good. Most of my clas says i do act lik u in d class room. GOD WIL C U THROUGH 4rm idongesit aka comfort

  43. Dear Mercy i luv d role u played in ur recent movie title “Heart of mother nd Tear of madness”

  44. I love u Mercy Johnson and i love your actions in a movie. pls i want to join movie industry. pls kan u help me or give the direction i can fellow. this my email: ******.
    may Almighty God give you the courage to do wat is hard and the words of isaiah 54vs17 shall manifest in your life. thanks kip on rocking.

  45. Mercy johnson!! I realy luv u cos ure realy talented. Wot i luv most abt u is d way u speak nd ur gorgeous luk. Any1 hu dislyks u na…..jealousy. I must confess, u‘ve realy made ur family proud of u. I wish 2 b lyk u some day. Keep it up. D sky is ur limit.


  47. Mercybaby I Luv u so much,u re trully a good actress nd I prayed u also shuld b a gud wife nd a good person at reality,plz try 2 keep d gud name of diVoCeE actresses we hav in naija,plz I beg u,nd I pray God shuld provide u wit ur heart desire nd mine 2,s me 2 b a star like u.

  48. Sweetheart am infected wit likeness 4 u! Sincerely i find it difficult watchining a movie u didnt partake seriousl merscy i admire ur person nd ur acting.u d bumb sexy!!!

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  50. One good thing about her is that she does’nt reject roles as other’s does and she’s just the best in the industry,no role given to her that she’ll not fit in. I love her actings very well

  51. I love you Mercy, and also like the way you art, but two thing I get to say is this #one try to go to college like Ini, Oge, and others, #two please dress like maried woman!

  52. Hei Mercy I tell you what you are the best among all the actress, don’t let anything disturbed you or bring your currier down . You are unique . I love ya

  53. Aunty mercy i realy like the movie you normally art, i wish you friendly with youth! I will like you to carry me along.

  54. Mercy johnson,acting or nt acting,being d best or nt,u corrupt our girls,with ur mode of dressing,and ur mode of sexuality.plz minimize it.U are nt doing it 4 me rada for urself and future home.beware.nija film industries sucks,no improvement.tanks

  55. Mercy is my favourite actress in the country.. She’s very good at wateva she does.. And i tell ya, she’s d reason am stil watchin local movies!

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    smart girl i like your style

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  65. Mercy I love ur kind of person n I advice u help others to achieve their career in life pls becos I really love to act.THANKS FOR UR COMPLY.

  66. Hai….Mercy..u r d best…no doubt abt dat..I love u xo much…sexy..perfect curves..God creatd u xo well…xo beautiful…hw i wish im just a star lyk u…kan u hep m get into d industry?…evn 2 just c u is owk 4 m..08171596229

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  68. I love mercy Johnson, she’s my role model, she acts well in any aspect u put her. That’s d way i want 2 b in future. Girl keep it up, u hv fans dat ar ready 2 b like u.

  69. hi me lady are so wonderful,i wish i was there before him.cos no u gonna make a good wife.anyway i will still my own love for u u.and happy new week ahead.

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  72. I’v a great,and absolute likeness,feelings from my inner most heart. Am not just champing at the beat,because of my blabbings,but because she is a kind of woman i have ever seen. MERCY,don’t mind those who keep gossipping you from place to place,just keep doing your business,and God will deffinitely strengthen you a lot. I have tried a lot to be one of your pal on facebook but i still found it so fiendish a lot to add you up. Mercy my fine friend,i will like you to be my good friend,because i need help from you please. My facebook user’s name is Isaac Okpokpo. Thank you so much.

  73. Hi cute actress! Hello gorgeous lady!! I luv u so much coz u re d best in acting role. Keep it up, u re the best so far coz u re gud in all aspect. God wil see u true. Amen

  74. Hi, i thought u re 4rm ghana witout knwing dat de material is 4rm my country Nigeria. Wow u re really a nice actress in d world. I luv u keep it up.

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  76. Mercy u r my name sake,i luv u 4 dat i must confes dat d movie u acted crea8 a gud impact in me,foresake d complain and al d gosiper coz 1 tin i knw z dat wen pple don’t gosip wit ur name dat means u r nt important bt they dat gosip r nt important so my dear lovely mercy kept it up i and my fans we day hai u and remeba me am mercy give dat ur new baby mercy or chidinma don’t 4get, hw i wish we can c face 2 face u r 2much infact u have pass 2much z nw 3much rite done dear bt remeba god 1st in every tin u do coz dis world z a wicked place pray dat u may nt fal into ur enemy hand, my prayer 4 u z long life and prosperity so dat u can create in us more tnx dear mercy luv u.

  77. I love you Mercy Johnson for everything u do. God has done all for you just remember God in anything u put your hand today. My love to your baby girl and my regards to your entire family. God bless you all. I believe we will all get there.

  78. Mercy u re d best actress in Naija, whether they like it or not keep it up atleast no matter what u re changing many life thru ur acting. u always make it real keep it up oh girl.

  79. Mercy by God grace i will meet you there to act with you….that is my vision and earnest prayer

  80. O Macy,Your Primary School at Calabar,your Secondary at Port Harcourt.
    Am from Cross River State, An Bast in Port Harcourt this simply means that we shall see one day. Macy i love every thing about you, you are a great supper star i love you, please can i be your friend. How is your lovely baby girl?

  81. Mercy!u re a talented nd gifted actress…i love u so much,wish i cn see u in person,love ur latest films like baby dance wit tears,troubled king nd so on…..wen u cry in film,it always touches me as if its real…..d 1 dat touches me most is painful soul,u act it as if is real…..i love ur actin cus wen u act,u make it luk real…..kudos 2 ur elbow!!!u nau dress decently nau in ur latest films….wish i cn see u,miss Veronica.

  82. i luv her bcos ani part u giv to her she wil act it wel for u witout complain
    i lyk her bcos shes neva shy

  83. pls mercy can u kindly tell me d state u hail 4rm nd again i do luv ur present charecter on movies is fun.

  84. i most confess that mercy johnson is the best actor we have, even do u hate her life u most love her act, beacuuse the way she is use to act in the sceen giving me joy, and the way she is use to make love,infact she so romantic. i love u baaaaaaaaaaaaby

  85. well mercy johnson you are doing great but some times i wonder this nollywood film industry i have come to realize that if you are not beautiful enough or handsome enough nollywood wont take you as an actress or a actor of which that is very funny i see some of this actress with no talent of acting but because they have cute shining skin nollywood will take them in to act nonsense try to manage that industry in a right way so that it will grown more and more because i think there is discrimination about this nature of beauty and handsome

  86. God has blessed her with grate talents. Mercy Keep it up and the sky will surly be ur liniment. Love u loads….

  87. Mercy i luv u so much, jst want 2 let u no dat i wat 2 b lik u cos i also wat 2 b an actress luv u {sindy}keep it up dear.

  88. You are a correct woman. I always enjoy your way in the movie. Please keep it up.You are highly talented. I appreciate you always Bravo.

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  91. This is ur destiny! But do nt forget d destiny owner, d one dat is d core of ur existence! Act to please him! Flowers attracts insects don’t they? Be den nt surprised abt criticisms! Ebira where u hail from is knwn for reputable character especially abt d females, pls protect ds gud name! God bls u! God keep u and ur family! And if u have nt given ur life to Christ, u rly need to knw him to add to ur beauty!

  92. mercy u are my lady, infact u are 2much, my adverse 2 u is to just b gud ur good wil take u to higher level pls b my frnd i luv u so much. God wil grant u ur heart desir u wil reach ur destination


  94. In deed God is great nd wonderful in ur side he looked nd give u great tallent of action,just keep it up mercy ur de best in action God bless u nd families.

  95. i am by name sefiyat frm kogi state am ebira gurl lyk u, i lv d way u play ur role and i av always wnt to b lyk u, u ar wel talented, gorgeous and nyc in most of ur films, i would av love to meet u, here is my number if only u cn call me 08065238209. may God always b wif u, (Amen).

    • mercy is a vessel nf honor a woman of noble character ad ful o emotions kep it up d lord is ur limit ma god kep u alife 2 bring up ur children in d wa ad fear of god b a gud exampld 2 d society at lage i hv sm words 4 u celebrity is my name, jenerocity is my linage,publicity is my job make ur creativity 2 b d celebrity in dis society dnt aspire even wen people conspire bcus u hv a messiah who wil alwaz make den expire.dis my cntat 08136676107 plz cl
      me ad extend my greetin 2 ur baby ad ur husband lv u mercy take care tel ha i lv ha mwuahhhh

  96. God!..mercy i love ur actin skilss alot!..i dnt watch any oda movie aprt frm urs..u look exactly like ma bst frnd..u ar my role model gal!..ur baby is beautiful like u!..plss mercy i wanna b jst like u…i wanna b ur frnd or sis..plss dnt rejct me…u’re ma mentor ma everytin!..inFact u’re ma God on Earth!..plss snd me ur number lemme cal u plss ii beg u in d name of God!..dis is mine 08108999904 ma name is miriam…u’re d best amng d rest!..God iis by ur side..Go MERCY!!..

  97. Hi Mercy,
    You are the African pride in the movie industry.I admire you in every way of your life. You make things very real.Please keep it up.Don’t mind the detractors who lack the ability to visualize the perfect handiwork of God like you.My heart rejoices each time I see you acting in a movie.

    However, I understand that you are now a married woman and so, I have lost the chance of getting you.To this I say, congratulations to this lucky man.
    Joseph(in Liberia)

  98. MJ,, you ar jst 2much,,,, i like dat ur name OCONBOR.. And DUMEBI,, i attach ur life with d book of Psalm 1 vs 3……,nd proverbs 16 vs 7…i pray dat ur generation will do expliot…… Amen……pls forgiv BARON who speak evil aganist u,,,love ya

  99. sister mercy it me your sister, from the same state and local government, okene. my name is oiza which means blessing. i just want to say we are proud of you sister, i want you to keep it up. you are showing a good examples to the younger ones, we the people of kogi state okene local government are proud of you, stay bless my dear sister. i really want to be like you, here is my email address [email protected]. gud buy sister.

  100. Everything about mercy Johnson is incredible. How is our baby doin? And please say me well to bros okojie

  101. I so much adore you Mercy J, you are my mentor and i plead to be your friend. I love your style and i love everything about you please accept my offer to be your friend, if possible your sister because we bear the same surname. I LOVE YOU MERCY, GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY. I wish i can meet with you!!!

  102. Words cannot express the joy I feel when am watching ur movies,ure good Mrs J just keep it up nd always remember to b d best mum to ur child…… u plenty.

  103. Mina is a great fun of u. I am a ghanaian and I’m also celebrating my birthday on 28th August. I love u so much and we have a lot in common. Happy b’day n may God bless u and ur family. Hope to hear from you. I will love to…

  104. Mina is my name. I am a ghanaian and 28th August is my birthday n I’m celebrating my birthday here in Ghana. I love u so much and we share a lot together. God bless u so much and extend it to your family. I will love to hear from. Hope to hear from u.

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