Mercy Johnson: My Husband Still In Shock Over Our Marriage Crash Rumour

mercy johnson wedding anniversary

January 14, 2018 – Mercy Johnson: Myself & My Husband Will Celebrate Our 10 Year Wedding Anniversary

Mercy Johnson: My Husband Still In Shock Over Our Marriage Crash Rumour

About 5 days after she was called out for removing all her family photos from her official Instagram page, Mercy Johnson is yet to recover from the shock.

Here is how the mother of three defended her decision to remove her family photos from Instagram in an exclusive chat with NET NG:

“I usually delete all the pictures on my page from time to time and this time around, I didn’t just delete my husband’s pictures, I deleted photos of me and my children”.

“In fact, my husband is in shock at the drama emanating from social media. We had a photo shoot and of course you know the new year swag na, so I said to delete the old pictures I had, which is what I do normally, na im e backfire oooo”.

“I will still celebrate 10 years with my sexy Odi by God’s grace and I appreciate all my fans for expressing their concern over the issue. God bless you all”.

The alleged husband snatcher is doing everything possible to defend her marriage from any form of attack. Na she like Odi pass.. #Nollywood lover girl!!

7 thoughts on “Mercy Johnson: My Husband Still In Shock Over Our Marriage Crash Rumour

  1. IT is a lie, this dumbie has been in a state of spiritual coma since you separated him from his family. Don’t u have conscience

  2. Husband and wife do have issues and no big deal about that, but the way you are defending is actually an indication that something more than mere misunderstanding is happening…not wishing you bad,but your insecurity is now crystal.

  3. SHE‘S NOT EVEN Ashame to address that kolo man who has lost his wits as “My husband“. Shame on you Mercy Johnson and all those your fish-brainy fans who don‘t to see anything wrong in what you have done to an innocent woman and her lovely children in far away Canada.
    Thief, Ole, Barawo.

    I take a stroll…

  4. This lady Mercy is guilty of something she has done in secret which will eventually hunt her. She is so over-sensitive about this marriage and not really happy because she so scare that she may soon loose that man.

    The law of karma is what goes around comes around. If she has done something crooked to forcefully marry that guy, then she will eventually loose him, no matter how smart she is or how diabolic she is.

    Mercy is a Kogi born actress and they are very good in Juju making from where she comes from. She should not be reacting to anything that happens in her marriage the way she’s doing. Definitely there is a reason for her to be doing this.

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